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  1. I'll be coming to this and bringing family and friends! This is a great idea. No basketball?
  2. Problem has been sorted thanks to sheffield mac repairs. Top bloke by the way.
  3. Just wondering does anybody have the install discs for snow leaopard I could borrow?
  4. I noticed this as well. The middle lane is straight on and right turn, but everyone uses this to turn left onto the dual carriageway for the right turning immediately after. I have had a few close calls on that round about since the changes.
  5. Hi I am travelling to Florida in March and staying for 3 weeks. Could anyone recommend insurance for my camera gear? Thanks
  6. Wow cannot believe this. For the past 8 months I have been going to a range at mansfield and there is one literally next door!
  7. Hi all, This weekend i have aquired 2 rifles. A beeman biathlon training rifle and a SMK 19 .22 with 4x32 scope I am wanting somewhere/somone to shoot with. I am an absolute novice to this and would appreciate some help/advice. If there is anyone who is out on a weekend and looking for a bit of company I am wanting to learn. I am looking at hunting small quarry in the future but for now I need to learn and get shooting really.
  8. Think I might come down to this and bring a few friends, we arrange our own touch football scrimmages throught the year so this could be of interest to us! Plus any excuse to throw a foozball
  9. ShirleyF can you PM me a contact number? Also whats your experience? Thanks
  10. Is anyone interested in doing this? cheers
  11. Good shots there! We train at all saints on a Wednesday and Wisewood sports centre fridays. Tonight we're training at 7;30pm - 9:30pm Lighting is good at both places. You both might know a couple of lads who have trained with us, Ash chandley and George Brownell (both plyed for sharks) Thanks for the responses. Let me know if you are interested
  12. So me and my friend run a basketball team called sheffield Suns. We are in the local leagues. We train wednesday and friday nights. My question is would anyone be interested in photographing one of our training sessions for free? Would be good experience and something different. I would do it myself as photography is an interest of mine but i like to play!! I am looking for some good shots to put on the web/facebook page. all credits will go to the photographer. Thanks
  13. Does anyone know where I can get nato paint from in sheffield? Looking to roller paint my car military style. Thanks
  14. could anyone recommend one or have one for sale? For a DSLR I dont want to spend a fortune but i have had 2 now and both were useless. I do understand that you get what you pay for so when i say budget i dont mean £5
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