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  1. It has some cracking local beers, for me this is the bestest cinema experience I've had in some time.
  2. This bloke is good: David Coupland Notary Public - approx £60 for a simple verification. Only slight issue for you is that he's based in Rotherham, close to the Hospital.
  3. Does anyone have any actual experience of this? Long and short of it is I have a rental on Eccy road which is mortgaged. It's probably worth around £120k-ish and does generate a small (but soon to be increase due to changes in tax law) profit. I'd like to transfer this to my wife to take advantage of her lower tax banding. Can I do the paperwork myself or is it worth chucking a few quid at a conveyancer?
  4. Great idea, let's just follow the road signs which we think should be there
  5. Geared - it's really important that you actually drive this lane/roundabout yourself, I assume you haven't otherwise you would know. Please don't keep embarrassing yourself......
  6. Open and shut case, the white car is CORRECT and the black car is in the WRONG. The road markings clearly show what you can and can't do in the various lanes. That said, it doesn't feel right going straight on in the left-hand lane and I do sympathise with the black car thinking you could peel off left. In heavy traffic you can't always see the painted arrows or road names particularly well. Conclusion: white - right, black - wrong, but the highways agency (or whoever it is who designed the traffic flow) needs to have a good look at the current set-up.
  7. Be careful, otherwise you'll end up in an endless circle of thanking each other......
  8. I've just bought a Nest cam outdoor as my car was recently broken into. Super easy to install and no wiring (other than the power cable). Provided you have reliable WiFi in range then this is a decent solution, the £8 pm charge to access the full functionality is a little steep, but what price can you put on safety hey....?
  9. The difference is that you are paying for the service (rather than in your analogy, the sender of the mail).
  10. ...if only you knew a Handyman who would have access to this information
  11. Agreed, it was big enough but the arrangement of seating and 'dead' space around the bar (yes, I appreciate people need to access the bar) made it have a slightly uncomfortable feel about it...
  12. Similar situation when I lived at Wards Brewery.... It was such a lottery if the food would actually make it to the door or if I'd have to chase round outside trying to find the driver. In the end I concluded it was best to go and collect it myself.
  13. Any significant increase in fees from my current EA will probably see me move to an online one, like Upad or similar. It's a shame as we have been working together very well for the last decade or so but my decisions need to be made as a business. I just hope the Government won't start disallowing other costs, like EA fees, to further increase our tax bills...
  14. Totally agree. Once that fee has been paid, in my view the risk of the let 'falling through' has reduced. Not only will I have to increase the rent to cover the inevitably increased estate agent fee I'll now be charged (as let's not forget we are now having a restriction of the mortgage interest we can offset against profits) I'll have to budget for extended vacant periods due to tenants pulling out a day before the rental period starts.
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