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  1. The Dark Knight trilogy. Batman Begins - The Dark Knight - The Dark Knight Rises
  2. Salems Lot by Stephen King. A book I've read many times.
  3. Hi Can anyone recommend a general handyman. I live in S10. I have a number of small jobs, including hanging a mirror and shelves, and fitting an outside tap. Thanks.
  4. Do you have any friends, family or neighbours who are in business or who know someone who is in business who is looking for some help?
  5. Yes. It is good to see what a competitor is doing and sending out to their clients. And they may give you an idea for something you can do yourself.
  6. The works have been going on for a couple of months already.
  7. Ideally both. But if they dont know what they want to do then finding something they have an interest in or liking for is good. In an ideal world everyone would have a job in a area they enjoy.
  8. Where possible it is advisable to have a separate business bank account. It keeps everything tidy and makes it easier (and cheaper) for your accountant if he doesn have to wade through loads of private transactions.
  9. Unfortunately accountancy is one of those jobs, where for the majority of practices, they require staff with experience over qualifications. As others have said the theory is a lot different to the practice of preparing accounts. Accounts studies tend to start off from a Trial Balance. In practice that is the end of the job as the computer does the rest. If you don't have experience, I know from my point of view, I would rather employ the youngest person who applies for a job. Mainly because of the wage cost, but also so that the person can study (usually AAT) and learn the practical aspects of the job. Unfortunately many graduates are now offering to work for free to gain experience. We once had someone who offered to work free for a year. I didn't take them up on the offer as it seemed like we would be taking advantage of them. Do you have any friends in business where you could be their bookkeeper for a while and say prepare their draft accounts? This would give you some experience. Getting to know how to use Sage can be a benefit, and that could be your best way into a job. Get to know Sage, work as a bookkeeper for a while and see if that leads to anything better. Good luck.
  10. Most parcels I send take only a week. I post a parcel on a Monday and generally it has arrived by the Saturday. It is usually only at Christmas time when the parcel can take up to two weeks to arrive. It seems like I am lucky with the time mine take.
  11. When you haven't worked for an accountant it can be difficult to obtain the three years experience you need. I have known people contact ACCA about ways to reduce or overcome this hurdle and they have basically said there is nothing they can do to change that requirement. I would say your best option could be to try and find work with an accountant who is looking to retire in four to five years time. Unfortunately if you tell people in advance that you are looking to set up your own practice after gaining the three years experience it might be difficult to obtain a job. Not really because they will know you are leaving, but because they may think you will take some of their clients with you. And that is the other reason trying to find an existing practice where someone is looking to retire might help. To set up any business from scratch is very difficult. You would almost certainly need to trade from an office, rather than home, and straight away that adds £10,000 to £15,000 to your costs. Therefore you need £40,000 of fees just to give yourself the minimum wage. Perception from clients and potential clients is a big factor. If you are qualified they would expect you to have an office. If you don't have an office you may as well start trading now from home and ignore your qualification. Age can work in your favour, as you can show maturity and reliability, but lack of experience can work against you. Someone with no formal qualifications, but at your age now, who started work at 16 can probably do every single job the partners can. I would say the most important factor is to obtain a job in the first instance, without worrying too much about setting up your own practice. Then if the opportunity comes along to take over a practice or work with your own clients within a practice then you can take it. Setting up from scratch would be very difficult to make work I think. Good luck.
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