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  1. http://help.sky.com/tv/on-demand/set-up-on-demand-with-a-wireless-connection
  2. I quite like the snow It reminds me of the snow we had when I was younger. I have wonderful memories I am keen for my daughter to have fond memories of sledging etc when she is older
  3. I have really felt for Dexy and her Mummy and Daddy this evening. My husband and Dexy's Mummy have exchanged text messages tonight which was lovely (I was at work 'clock watching' to get home to him I'm going to invite Dexy and her Mum out for a walk with us really soon. I love that RobbieDog is an active little fella Just right for the epic walks he's got to look forward to He's currently passed out on the sofa with Ben He was really quite upset when Holly went to bed I can see those two being inseperable I'll be popping into the shop very soon with lots of lovely things for you to sell Thank you so so so much. I'm so pleased that you were happy for us to take Robbie. What a wonderful addition to our home and family I may be in a position to foster too in the near future. I know that hubby is keen! Jackie, tell me about your little treasure x Irene - Recue's like Rain are indeed wonderful x
  4. I just wanted to post a BIG thankyou to Rain Rescue for giving us the pleasure of rehoming a lovely new doggy today His name is Robbie and he's a beautiful heinz 57 with the most adorable face and temperament. We lost our old girl Bonnie a month ago. We'd had her 15 years and she was 17 yrs old. I had decided that we wouldn't have another doggy for a couple of years but our home felt so empty We saw Robbie on the Rain Rescue website and all fell in love. My 6 year old daughter, husband and I knew straight away he was the doggy for us! After filling in the pre adoption form and having a rather lovely phone conversation with his foster Mummy, I was certain he would be coming home with us I even bought him an advent calendar in anticipation! Well, we met him today and were smitten!! He came home with us and he's had quite a busy day bless him. He's settled right in and we just know that he will bring us lots of happiness Please please please support Rain Rescue in any way you can. I saw 1st hand today the work that they do and I came away in awe. Thank you for giving us the absolute joy of being Robbie's new forever home
  5. I had the 'displeasure' to walk past the Bankers last week with my 5 year old daughter. There were a few 'toothless wonders' outside. I had a very 'eyecatching' bag over my shoulder which one of the 'ladies' said she would 'take off me'. To be honest I gave her a bit of a death stare as I don't suffer 'fools' gladly!!! At that point she turned to her friend and said loudly that she would take the brat instead!!!! It was VERY intimidating! To be honest though, had she come any where near my daughter I wouldn't have been responsible for my actions. SCUM!
  6. I got married there 6 years ago an the food was awesome ..... BUT .... We went back this year for an anniversary dinner with friends and, while the food was delicious .... a mouse ran across the floor! The waitress was incredibly apologetic but I wouldn't have stayed if we hadn't nearly finished
  7. I don't see a problem with kids having designer wear! My little girl is 5 and has lots of lovely designer things but, on the flip side of that, she has lots of high street brands too. Sometimes there are things I see in shops that I think she would look lovely in and I buy it whether it has the designer price tag or not! Don't judge people because they choose to spend their OWN money on whatever they choose to.
  8. Hi jolsh, My 1st week has been informative and fun It's amazing what you 'think' you know about Sky but don't ha ha ha How about you? Hope it's going good for you too. I'm really looking forward to going live!
  9. Hi Jolsh, I am doing evening training How are you finding it?
  10. It's my 1st day today I'll reply to my PM's later.
  11. Good luck to everyone having interviews I went to the welcome evening last night and it was good fun. I met some lovely people.
  12. Cool Essjay I'll see you there Babidi - You definitely need to get your facts right!! jolsh - I'm looking forward to it I'm just waiting for my contract to come via my email. I was told it could take a short while though due to the high volume!
  13. Awww sorry to hear that jpowls. Essjay89 I start on the 11th too Are you going to the welcome evening on the 6th?
  14. 11th July for me Wasn't expecting a call so soon. I eas only there at 9am
  15. I'm in. Just had the call! Thanks Jolsh for your pm
  16. Well, I am back from the competency interview and fingers crossed it went quite well Just a waiting game now!
  17. Have you been told what you salary is going to be yet? (not being nosey) I just wanted to know at which stage the salary is discussed?
  18. Thanks Jolsh I am pretty adept with that type of interview. I recently had an interview with Aviva and have been offered the job there to start on the 25th July Their competency based interview was pretty intense. Just hoping that I get a confirmed offer from Sky
  19. Well done jpowls I'm there for competency tomorrow too. I wonder if you were in my assesment group on Wednesday? Good luck for tomorrow.
  20. I just got a call to go to the competency interview on Friday morning
  21. I'm there for assessment too tomorrow Quite looking forward to it
  22. Is it 'properly' snowing it down? Or is it that rubbish snow? I'm in Rotherham and it's not really started here yet.
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