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  1. Tesco Express Abbeydale Rd at 8am today.
  2. What if the currency goes bankrupt? Can it? What if you're holding on to some local currency if things go tits up? Will it have the Queen's head on it? Nice idea, btw, although I think some of the claims you make are a little overblown. Will go down well in Meersbrook, I'm sure. See you at SheffSoup.
  3. Phone them and tell them. A porter or transport services may be available to assist you. Good luck.
  4. I've only read the first few posts so apologies if this has already been stated. I used to work nights and the rest if my team were all Zimbabwean and spoke Shona as their mother tongue. After a couple of nights of being totally excluded from chit-chat / banter during breaks I asked if they would speak English. They did. Gosh. I've bored myself with that story.
  5. I guess it's one of those roads, amongst others, that is a bit of a social hub.
  6. Has anybody pointed out yet that it's not a gay cake (in that baked products don't have a sexual preference), but instead it's a cake that has a slogan on the top that promotes marriage between gay people as being equal and valid.
  7. Only two more posts and you'll be able to.
  8. I'm sorry Mafya. I really respect your opinions. You always seem to be fair and considered in yr postings. I'll tbink about what you've said about me appearing anti-Pakistani.
  9. I'm well read Mafya. I don't need to google Worboys. He should have been caught well before he was. You know as well as I do of the antipathy that can exist between indians and Pakistanis sometimes. It's not a one way street.
  10. Sorry Halibut. I wish I'd not got involved now. I gave myself a stern talking to a little while ago not to get involved in these threads. But I did. And now I regret it. Re the common denominator..... we've chatted before....... you're smart....... you know as well as I do. I don't wish to engage in this thread any further.
  11. I've a 12 year old stepdaughter. I wouldn't put her in a cab on her own with a male driver if I could at all help it. If it was an absolute necessity I'd let the cabbie know I knew his name and number (from his ID) and she'd have strict instructions to have her phone on and charged. Unfortunately, after what's happened over the last few years, I'd be more wary of Pakistani Muslim driver than I would a white driver. As an aside, back in the late 90s, I took a cab from Roth. back to Sheffield and the cabbie offered me a 'girl. A young, white girl'. I said no. I was ******. I told my wife a day or so later and after thinking about it I called the police and gave them all the information I could remember. They said they'd look into it. I'm guessing they didn't. ---------- Post added 06-11-2014 at 17:44 ---------- There's one common denominator they all have in common though.
  12. Black fella, think he might be Somali, in a North Face jacket that walks down Eccy Rd from the Hunters Bar roundabout to the Waitrose roundabout. I think he then walks up to the Uni roundabout, turns left past and goes past RHH towards Brocco Bank and then back down to Hunters Bar roundabout. And repeat. He occasionally has a cuppa in Spoilt For a Choice.
  13. Hi Mel. I guess that does make them separatists but they might not see themselves that way.
  14. Tim Ireland wrote crime novels set in Sheffield. He told me he was published.
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