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  1. My grandparents lived on Beulah Road when they were first married, Before moving to Burncross. Sadly they both passed away 3 years back, But they had many stories to tell me from their Hillsbro/owlerton days. They were Wilf and Betty Smith and had a son called Russell (not sure he was around when they lived on Beulah!!). If anyone knew them i would love to hear from you. Betty also worked in the Bassets Factory Cheers, Paul
  2. Hi all, i wasn't from around Gleadless but i'm looking for someone who was. Anyone know Andrew Shaun Martin. Was born 1959/1960, went to gleadless school? ta Paul
  3. If i remember correctly, at the end of last season, the police gave fines to everyone who parked up there. i take it they have stopped doing that now??
  4. yeah seen this guy in hillsbro quite often. He sometimes carries an old "ghetto Blaster" with him too, playin some shockin music!!
  5. when we went passed at about 8:50, there were 3 cars pulled in to the car park accross from swfc. the police officers had the drivers out of the cars and were talkin to them. They were all old looking cars too???
  6. it is just round the corner from my work. I saw it at lunch time and the guy that had done it was in Lilly's. he works at the company that the sign is on.
  7. Please tell me they are kidding. http://www.travelsouthyorkshire.com/timetables/sheffield/77+80.htm they took 74's off us recently. if the 80 goes there will be no busses whatsoever that go down burncross road from town! Does someone know if they are replacing it with a different bus?
  8. yeh, everything does seem to increase, apart from wages!!
  9. jesus, i've took a good slaggin off in this and many other threads! cheers chubbs!
  10. yeah, i'm her boss!! hahahah so er...get back to work and stop postin on here u naughty thing!!
  11. is there a website with all new developments on anywhere? this stuff interests me. i seen this one and the tower down the wicker...any others?
  12. i used to live on this road, and always wondered this too!!
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