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  1. I live in High Green which is Sheffield, but I am 7 miles from Barnsley and 8 from Sheffield centre
  2. about 2 ft high now, poss 1-2ft wide
  3. Hi, we have removed a hedge from our garden, to find that there were 3 trees in it. What is the best way to remove the offending stumps please?
  4. I think they lived in my street in Pitsmoor in the 70s, and were friends of mine.
  5. Why did I not remember those? We used to have drama lessons there from Earl Marshal school!
  6. The old All Saints on Lyons Street/Sutherland Road had steps similar to that, but I don't remember any trees next to it. It was knocked down and replaced with St Peters. Can anyone else remember any trees?
  7. All Saints church that used to be on Lyons Street (Pitsmoor) had lots of steps up to it too. Is it possible to post the pic onto here?
  8. I imagined Victoria after the birth asking David, what time is it and what shall we call her? Half past seven. Em (short for Emily).
  9. I had one at Hillsborough Club, Bradfield Rd. Fabulous place. Function room upstairs but has lift and full disabled access. Prams can go in it too. Its big inside but looks small from outside. I'd recommend it.
  10. I got an email today saying I was unsuccessful but it said this doesn't affect any other applications I send. We will see!
  11. Asda are advertising jobs at Catchbar Lane and the old Queens road nettos
  12. There seem to be two threads about this - can they be linked?
  13. I saw some fabulous top acts there, Four Tops, Drifters and many more. They served chicken or scampi in baskets with chips, excellent food, great acts, classic atmosphere!! Miss it.
  14. Hi, can you please tell me if your house is a terraced or semi? I am looking for a 2 bed semi with drive and large garden. I have a 3 bed terraced, with large garden. Recently had new kitchen and bathroom. thanks
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