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  1. rats in Walkley: we found a frozen rat in our garden on Thursday, don't know if we've got rats or if a cat brought it there. Family members have seen 2 live rats ( on separate occasions recently) by the bus shelter at the side of the Crookes Valley Church. is it worth calling in Environmental Health?
  2. just called Kiveton turf about Topsoil. I asked a few questions such as what the Ph is and where they get the compost from that they mix in, and the person said 'Oh forget it" and put the phone down. I'm looking for a LOT of good quality topsoil for 4 large raised beds ( 6m X 1 X 1.5m ) ( + various other sizes). recommendations appreciated ! thanks
  3. anyone tried this stuff ? it's bag it yourself compost for £1 a bag from the veolia collection scheme. but it doesn't say how big a bag is. http://www.greenestate.org.uk/bag_compost
  4. yup, and it's not great. The cobbles are huge have been down 150 yrs. it would cost me a lot in labour to lift them. I actually need raised beds to make the garden easier to maintain due to disability.
  5. thanks for comments. I meant 30 - 40 tonnes. price from Rolawn for 13 bags about £1,000 ! I appreciate the costs and quality, but it's beyond my budget. I have no earth in the ground at all, as garden is entirely flagged and cobbled. so far it's all come compost ( e.g. John Innes no 3 on a good day or just multipurpose) from garden centres in my containers.
  6. I am looking for a lot (maybe 3--40 tonnes ) of good quality topsoil to fill 1m high raised beds in my garden, which is entirely flagged/cobbled. online quotes from Rolawn that 13 of their bags, to fill just 2 of the beds ) are gob-smacking, even with discount code (chelsea10) for 10% off. I've had samples from 2 local topsoil providers, which I left to dry out, and found broken bricks, glass shards. one was £200 for 20 tones, other was £300 for same weight, the particle size was smaller, but quality still poor, and the product felt wrong in my hand, it was too light for soil, like it had to be cut with something light to bulk it up. any tips appreciated as worried now the beds are built I can't afford to fill them, ooops ! I have a lot of mature plants I have grown in containers ready to transfer into the beds, but seems a mistake to use poor quality topsoil with poor nutrient level. I'm having beds built to make the garden easier to maintain due to disability, so want to avoid weedy soil too. I've got 2 wormeries on the go to produce vermicompost, but to enrich the soil, mixed with coir. but they're aren't going to make 20 tonnes, maybe a a few litres
  7. is there a transmitter problem with freeview locally? I've rescanned my Topfield freeview HD box a few times but can't get a good signal for BBC4. have also done factory reset, updated firmware..... any advice appreciated.
  8. thanks for helpful reply - was just trying to connect with ethernet cable, awaiting 9 pin firewire flex and the broken MBP switched on with some combination of holding down the power button. not out of woods yet regarding work deadline, currently backing up data online, so can access via another Mac. thanks massively for your response !
  9. do you know anyone who does mac repairs who would be open now? the screen on my son's 17" mac book pro has died, and he has a deadline for a film at 5am `Sunday morning. any advice appreciated.
  10. rapeseed oil has a high smoking point so you can get foods really crispy without scorching. great for roast spuds. I imagine cold pressed rapeseed oil is quite different to cheaper stuff.
  11. Could be too much sunlight, don't have Camelia east facing. I keep camelias in shady area on the side return which doesn't get direct sunlight until later in the year, then that's evening. even so on v hot days some leaves got scorched.
  12. try http://www.patchworkgarden-shop.co.uk/ give them a ring, I'm pretty sure they do 1:1 lessons in sewing machine familiarisation. or could suggest where to go.
  13. yup, I think one of your photography leaflets was posted here.
  14. anyone else around Walkley/Crookesmoor having problem with foul tasting tap water in the mornings? it's got a nasty aftertaste, tainted with chemical? tea undrinkable. I've looked on YW website and no mention of any incident.
  15. I plan to speak to S Yorks animal rescue, I've left some details on their Facebook discussion page.
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