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  1. Hi All My boyfriends father is selling a few things off his Austin Healey MK 1 Sprite. I figured this is the best place to post the links! 1.1/8th inch carburettors & air filters Race or Rally camshaft for 1275 cc Austin Healey or MG Midget Engine If you are interested please follow the below links http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Austin-Healey-Mk1-Sprite-1-1-8th-inch-carburettors-air-filters-/190698741119?pt=UK_CarsParts_Vehicles_CarParts_SM&hash=item2c6687dd7f http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Race-or-Rally-camshaft-for-1275-cc-Austin-Healey-or-MG-Midget-Engine/190698747024?ssPageName=WDVW&rd=1&ih=009&category=63719&cmd=ViewItem If you have any questions please drop me a PM.
  2. Me too, we are going to my parents' house for lunch tomorrow which will be nice
  3. Im not that bothered about New Year to be honest. Never really have been. As long as my family and friends continue to live happy and healthy, that is all that matters to me.
  4. Hello all. So, who else, like myself and the other half, is not going out? I am already drunk, as we have just been for a walk down our local canal to the pub (im on a soft drink now, to try and pace myself ) Wev decided against going out simply because we have enough alcohol to see us through to the NY and dont see the point in buying more, in a stuffy bar/pub then paying extortionate taxi fair home So I, for one, will be frequenting Sheffield Forum most of the night... who will be joining me?
  5. I will be doing just that shortly! Im off now! Laters dudes and dudettes
  6. I am, my eyes are blurry (not due to the alcohol). I think i might turn off the laptop and watch some tv- wind down before falling down
  7. That depends how you read it, Agent Orange
  8. Unfortunately, I am already home. But good on you for caring for the neighbourhood!
  9. Haha! What would you be doing if i wasnt online?
  10. No they dont normally let me out at the new year you see.
  11. If I sit up watching tv, I would have been asleep for 10 and awake early tomorrow. I want a lie in tomorrow, so figured I would stay up as late as I can. The alcohol is helping
  12. Im testing myself, to see how late I can stay awake (seriously) its a little challenge iv set myself. Im doing well, I cant remember last time i saw 1am!!
  13. I dont know if my bus will get me there for bang on 10. Itd be either 9.59 or 10.01
  14. Iv spoken to people while in the kitchen, filing all my accounts statements away in the other room. One lass answered hers on the toilet Its wireless, theres no wires to get tangled up in
  15. OK you have persuaded me. I will be there at 9.59
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