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  1. i have a 3 bed terraced house in Dore 500 yard from King Ecgberts school, does anyone have a 4 to 5 bed house who would exchange me?
  2. thanks alien i didn't think of that , it's worth atry at least
  3. I was wondering if anyone can help i am having real trouble getting a child minder who can pick up and drop off at Dore School , the minder that i use at the moment is quitting on friday 24th leaving us high and dry ! i am a single parent working 9/5 can you help me please my daughter is 5 years old?
  4. Help I need a child minder who can pick up and take to school my daughter who will be 5 by then to Dore school, the after school club has shut ad so now i will be stuck please PM me if you can help !!!!
  5. well we all went last night and i have to say it was a lovely experience, fab food very good polite service and not too pricey either, we will certainly be going again !
  6. My daughter has just turned 18 and I have booked a table for her and her friends at Wasabisabi, I was wondering if anyone has been and what was it like ? I have never had Japanese food and wwondered if anyone could recomend a dish to try?
  7. I have district heating and mine costs £20.50 a week I didn't like it at first but now i love it , I like the fact that it is always warm night and day, it is expensive but i dont think i would go back to gas central heating now
  8. laminate very soon looks nasty and cheep as it gets worn, i have real wood and it actually improves with age is nice and warm looks expensive and will last for ever I have a laminate in the kitchen and its getting ripped up as soon as i can afford a new floor it is cold has worn really badly and was a false economy
  9. even though my hair is tissue paper thin he looked thought it and said my scalp was ok , " no no dear there is no sign of alopecia, it's simply due to your age" which i think at 42 is rubbish! he knows i'm on antidepressants but never even suggested i could be over stressed , i distinctly got the impression he thinks i'm imagining it ! which is odd as when i go on the web cam to my parents you can see right through my hair making my mother very concerned
  10. hi Miller, the doctor just asked my age and when he realised i am over 40 he just said "oh it's your age then !" he didn't seem to think it was anything other than a natural thinning !
  11. I have been there crazy all i can say is that there is a lot of jealousy out there , not everyone wants to see you do well, just try and tell yourself you're great (because you are !) hold your head up high and get on without them babe.
  12. Thanks guys for all the support you dont know how much that means to me xx
  13. oh no i cant live without chocolate and sugar ! i wonder if its a food alergy then?
  14. its depressing for a woman to have this i feel sorry for your friend
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