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  1. Another Katie Patmore-trained owner here! Definitely recommend.
  2. Doggyden is good, but sadly not near S61.
  3. Thanks. I hope he does well wherever he ends up x
  4. Our black tom was knocked down and killed on Boxing Day - the first time this has happened to one of our cats in 40 years. We'd be very happy to take his reincarnation on All our pets are vet registered, neutered and microchipped.
  5. The shops I remember from the 50s, starting from Norton Lees Road: On the corner. Wright's beeroff A tripe shop (just below a step or something) Mrs Longstaffe bread shop, with a white Scottie dog ??Hardware shop Howsham's greengrocer ??Mrs Millington (I think) Chip shop: she always gave the kiddies a few chips free while they were waiting Mr Atkin, chemist Mr Swallow, newsagent (starting to sound like Camberwick Green here!) Mrs Watson, grocer Wet fish shop, can't remember the name but he always drove a Morris Traveller Drapers/wool shop Sweet shop (below the railings) Co-op That's all I can remember. There seems to be a barber's somewhere in my mind, but that may have taken over from the tripe shop.
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