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  1. Hi you wealthy people. My first job was at George Binns Cambridge St. I was filing clerk. My pay was 32/6 per week. Dad took the 30shillings and he gave me 2/6 pence for tram fare. Never seemed to go without anything tho. but then we never expected anything either. that was in 1951 I think. Good old days not too sure about that one. Vera.
  2. It was very nice of so many members to pay their respects to Jeff on Tues. Even so far away my thoughts were with you one and all. Also to all of Owds family.God bless them all in this sad sad time. knowing Jeff he wouldn't want anyone to be sad for too long. He comforted me with his kind thoughts when I was going through a greiving process. Living out there in the country as I was before coming to Aussie I was suprised to find out he knew of all my small family there in High Moor so we had great times talking about the family and the village. A great guy he was and will be remembered by all of us God bless Jeff and all of us who cared for him. Vera.
  3. Just having a quick read here but can't remember any names. I lived there at Pipworth rd our garden backed on to the seniors school yard remember all those teachers you speak of and all the goings on. oop!! i left in 1948 to go to work my mother worked on the school meals my name was Vera Pope anybody know me
  4. Thank you for the very interesting replies there. I can,t put a face to any of the names there. There were about 60 girls altogether I think. 50 years is a long time to remember I can't remember what happened last week sometimes. Redfyre, we used to have a lot to do with the telelphonist in the big industries there' I knew a lot of the telephist but of course never got to see them. We used to have long conversations when we were not busy, Blind dates were the go then meeting place was under the GPO clock. it was fun cause if you weren't sure who'd be there we used to wait in the tram shelter across the road there to see who turned up LOL.check em out!! Good times were had and never got into too much mischief I carried on that career when I came to Australia and retired a few years ago. Regards Vera
  5. Vera Hopkinson, nee Pope, is wanting to hear from people who knew her and to nudge their memory she remembers having a cat with wings when young. All came to see this cat from far and wide so she is wondering if anyone remebers this event which was writen up in the Star over 60 years ago. We thought this may bring her to mind. Vera' Mom was a dinner lady at Pipworth Rd School (Mrs Pope ) along with Mrs Craven and Mrs Hampshire who's son was in Vera's class at school. Mrs Hampshire lived across the Rd from Grace Bonsall.
  6. I have recently met Hazel in Australia who is on holiday here. We both went to see another Sheffielder who lived in Australia, Dorothy Carter, Dot lived at Heeley before emigrating with her husband Stan Carter and Stan's brother Eric Carter who was married to Janet. Dot Carter had her Sister-in-law Janet visiting her and straightaway I knew I had worked with her years ago as a telephonist at the GPO Fitzalan Square. Janet Gambles was a colleague at the GPO over 50 yrs ago and as we talked about old times I remembered there was a thread on here talking about the GPO, telephonists and messinger boys. regards Vhopkinson
  7. Johnny Green used to live on Francis St. and my Uncle used to keep the Golden Ball many many years ago vera
  8. Skippy and rogG Thanks for those great pics they say it all. that one of Sheff Skippy I think I have one very much like it. get no argument from me which is more like heaven. I will have to try and put some pics of Lake Macquarie where I live Veraa
  9. Walking through the woods there to get to Darnall was always great, part of the way you could get on to the stepping stones in the little creek there. Ha !you could fall off them just as easy. Finishing up with wet feet to sit in the"" little dick"" for a couple of hours. It was always lovely and peaceful down there. I think we came out near Davey United?? Coming home we could call on Poole Rd was it , to the chip shop and walk home back thru the woods again. Wow wouldn't like to think of kids doing that these days. Bushbaby sorry you didn't see it at it's best , Oh yes it was quite a lovers lane too. Sharon You would have loved the beautiful bluebells down there Regards Vera.
  10. Mr. Squirrel, Thanks for posting that info of the woods.the picture was good too.Brings back a lot of memories it does and these are very interesting when you have been out of the country for a long time. You tend to forget until you something like this so great to share old memories thanks. Vera.
  11. We used to go to the swimming baths there. It was then called Bowden Homestead Woods. I notice in all my reference books I have sent me the changed name just Bowden Woods now. Never swam in it always full of rocks and debri. The old woodkeeper forgot his name was always on patrol there. I lived just on Pipworth so it was easy just to pop into the playing fields and stroll down to the woods to get Bluebells. How things change eh! HELLO to Depoix how are you. Vera.
  12. I left Sheffield in 1963. Although I have visited there a few times I only stayed there 10days on my last trip 3 years ago.I love Sheffield and always will. I enjoy reading still all the history of Sheffield which didn't seem to interest me when I lived there. The little booklets "Manor Memories" is a great one to read but Malcom Mercers "Portrait of the Manor in the 30s" is a great book. I relive all my childhood times when I read them. We were never very well off but always a Happy family and these childhood memories stay with you for ever. so does the way in which we all lived there. Now times have changed no matter where you live its all a different ball game now due to the lifestyles we live in. Most countrys have there problems but I always think living in Sheffield all my childhood years I wouldn't have it any other way, Yes its always going to be My home and the Sheffield folk I meet are still tops.. Vera.
  13. Hi There, Found the threads ok that was a couple of years ago. I miss a lot when I don't check in regular. Yeh! the Woods lived at the farm too. Did you know the Gladwins Walt and Roy opposite Bradshaws house( school caretaker) Eh do you remember Big Blackey the school dog that was always with the Hodgetts family.. Good to reminise when so far away from home I love to know whats happening since I dont have many connections there now. I have been home a couple of times but last time I only stayed 10 days. Nice to talking to you Regards Vera.
  14. Hi There, I am going to find the thread on the Farm should be interesting. Hm! used to get our best Bluebells from the woods. remember the the old fella who used to look after the baths I never swam there at all don't know who did. lol.... I have looked at that G. earth and couldn't follow it will get help with that one. I know my old house is now a carpark? Used to go to he Lyric and Bugs Hut and walk home thru the woods there. Pooh! wouldn't risk it these days no. Cheers for now. Vera.
  15. Hi Sapper, Thanks for an interesting reply. Just wrote a lengthy reply but lost it somewhere? Anyway all those kids were in my class. I am looking at this pic of them all right now. Ecca Smith was the one who tormented me he sat next to me that is why I was always in trouble. we sat at the back row. Grace Bonsall a mate too Doreen Lillaker Betty Taylor my best friend yep I could go on too.Don't know the date of this pic taken on the playing fields just wondering if I can get one run off for you I will see. Bet you are on it. lol We had home service in our front room when I lived down Atterclife I was 4 and a half. We were'nt allowed in there any other time. I started School at Huntsmans Garden at that age. To Finish.. I live in Lake Macquarie NSW Been here since 1963 when Sheff had the Big Freeze there.Looking forward to a pm from you. Anyone who's name has been mentioned on here say Hello to us. Regards Vera.
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