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  1. Thanks for the replies, it's helpful. Arrive 7.10am Heathrow, but cant find any testing facility at the airport.Seems the nearest is at a Hotel nearby.
  2. I'll be arriving in UK on 15th December, Heading straight upto Sheffield. Does anyone have recommendations for quick PCR test and results in Sheffield. Thanks in advance.
  3. Hi All, was wondering if anyone could could give me a ball park figure ( estate agent fees, legal fees , etc) on the cost of selling a property worth 170K would be ? Thanks in advance.
  4. Have one bedroom flat in worthing on the south coast. A management company takes care of it as I live overseas. Have been quoted prices for some electrical upgrades/repairs. Wondering if anyone knows if the following quotes are reasonable or if anyone has had same work done 638.40 pounds to supply and fit new 18th Edition Consumer unit. Also does anyone know if this is a legal requirement. 152.76 pounds to Remove old and fit 2 ES LED warm white light fittings 76..35 pounds to supply and renew Boiler supply and connection cable Plus a few other jobs. Just feel some jobs may not be necessary and priced on the steep side. Any info appreciated. Thanks
  5. I have a problem with damp/condensation in a property I rent out and have been recommended by the management company I use to install Dry Master Positive Ventilation System. Has anybody had this installed or know of it. Just looking for some genuine feed back on it not the usual blurb on their site. Thanks
  6. Thanks for taking the time to let me know. I do this route at least once a year. It's usually a good service. Normally takes about 3 hours 15 minutes from gatwick to sheffield. same sort of time on the way back down to gatwick. Pretty good really. I used to do coach from Sheffield to Victoria and then Gatwick Express. Saved a few quid but for the time it takes and more hassle involved the train is a much better option.
  7. Will be traveling to Gatwick airport on Easter Monday.does anyone know where I can check to see if there is maintenance work scheduled that may result in delays etc. Thanks
  8. I have a property,so that is not an issue. I also visit Sheffield at least once a year but this doesn't give me a true reflection on the cost of living there because like most people when i'm on vacation I spend considerably more than I would normally. Thanks for the replies as this gives me a an idea of what I would need for retirement, Pat
  9. Would probably have a SWFC season ticket, play golf a couple of times a week. Neither of us are too extravagant. Surprised 1000 a month would be enough.As I said not lived there for quite a while so really have no idea.
  10. My wife and myself are thinking of retuning to Sheffield in a couple of years to retire.As I have not lived in Sheffield for a long time I was wondering, If you are totally debt free,e.g. house ,car,etc ,how much would a couple need to spend annually to live a comfortable life in the Sheffield area. I realise that different people have different ideas of what comfortable is but would be interested to know peoples thoughts.
  11. Can any one tell me if it now the law that as a Landlord you have to have a Legionella Assessment Risk done for properties you rent out.Had a letter from the management company I use saying we have to have it done as legislation has been passed which says it is now "recommended " that the test be carried out every two years. Thanks for any info.
  12. Considering buying a student property , looking for a bit of info and opinion. Is there a glut of empty student properties in Sheffield ?. Has anyone bought a new build student property ?.Do people consider these a good investment? Would be interested in peoples experiences and opinions , thanks
  13. Hi, I attended St John Fishers from( I think ) 1967 to 1972.Can remember quite a few teachers.Mr Lyons , Mr Walsh ,Mr Mallon ,Mr Adams, Mr Pearson , Mr Latham ,Mr Campbell,Mr O Hara, Mr Robinson, Miss Walker ,Mrs John, Mrs Higham, Miss O Brien . Some of the kids in my year ,Ron Birley (who I see occiasionally when I'm back in Sheffield , Farrel Gallagher,Chris Spillane ,Paul Stafford,Martin Wainwright ,Gordon Wellwood ,Gary Wilkinson,David Daikin , Martin Jarvis,Terrance Crossland , Catherine O Donnel,Linda Ouldred ,Andrea Doeherty ,Joan Broderick,Irma Beaumont,Beverly Ramsden , .Enjoyed my time at S.J.F and overall only have pleasant memories. Also had two sisters who went there .
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