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  1. your not on your own lol gonna attempt to get some sleep now 😄
  2. Ok fair enough id happened to forget about the eggbox and peace gardens by the 70s and 80s yes it was in a rough state and a haven for homeless and street drinkers, but i was thinking more of the beautiful fountains that where at the top of fargate and i believe there was a fountain sandwiched on a roundabout between the train station and bus station both adorned with flowers for the life of me i cant remember the names of them there were also flower beds in between roads as i remember nowadays we have lots of concrete flag stones where once stood flowers.
  3. Everything, a bomb would do for start, lol then rebuild with more green space like we had in the 70's and 80's non of this concrete everywhere option was much cleaner back then too.
  4. ive actually enjoyed this series altho i dont think its quite there yet, with the likes of clarkson and co, was feeling a little disappointed with the length of this season.
  5. Totally agree whilst i do watch the program i cant help but think that when the camera crew focus on the parents and its quite easy to see a pushy parent that is the child doing this for his or her own benefit or the parents.
  6. Oh believe me Angel1 if i had caught the individual or individuals that do such things id have followed them home with broken glass in tow and posted it back through there letter box and i know that that wouldn't make me a better person but the thought had crossed my mind, just wished that people would be more responsible, id welcome anyone to use my wheelie bin that wished to disguard of an empty beer bottle rather than smash it against the floor/ground failing that the council provide bins at local shopping areas, and heaven forbid even for them to take there own home and disguard there. i was very angry that this happened at the time just glad that he is now able to walk properly again and bandages have come off. thanks to all that have wished him well, he goes back to the vet today for a final checkup on it and hopefully all cleared. Leadhammer.
  7. Im in the Lowedges area, i mean the shard of glass in my dogs paw wasn't massive by any stretch of the imagination and the likely hood of seeing it on the floor would have been pretty low but it caused him so much pain that he couldnt put his paw to the floor, either way it has made me look out more for broken glass in the area and its disgusting, only last night on my road i took a sweeping brush out to clear a broken beer bottle up nearby where my dog walks just for his safety, its gets me so mad that the instant a dog crouches down to have a poo and before you have had the chance to pull a doggy bag out that theirs some idiot that that shouts clear that dog muck up, but its another story for those that deliberately smash broken glass, i suppose its all in aid of a good laugh for them that do it but next time it could be a child that gets hurt seriously or otherwise.
  8. I recently had to take my dog to the vets for an operation on his front left paw costing nearly £400 pounds thankfully he is insured, The reason being broken glass that people smash be it broken beer bottles or any other smash able glass how hard can it be too take bottles that are empty and throw them in the bin, Im not bothered about the cost of the operation as i would pay the earth for my little one, what i want to know is what pleasure do people get from doing this, im totally disgusted in humanity right at the moment given that i pick my dogs waste up and through it away responsibly, why cant others be like minded. So angry.
  9. Same im also in the lowedges area see loads of foxes particularly around the perimeter of the transport ground living quite happily along side cats, see them most nights only a few meters away from cats washing themselves there no problem.
  10. I believe the person you are referring to was known simply as The American, in season 1 and maybe season 2, he was the test driver that went round the ebola drome in a simular way to the way the stig did it on top gear abbie eaton now does the ebola drome track why he was in that special i dont know.
  11. Totally agree, i got kicked into touch when i was a child about the rights and the wrongs in life, clipped round the ear and my backside belted if i continued to do wrong, though these days it classed as assault, and children no matter weather primary or secondary school are encouraged to tell there teachers or if not the teachers are well aware of what to look for, so dammed if you do and dammed if you dont.
  12. Already a done deal as far as im aware, already been told that both lowedges rd and old school sites are to close at the end of this year, Im not impressed either, its an absolute disgrace that doctor Mcalister has merged all doctors on the estate into lowedges and old school and now he's leaving the estate without. Edit: the information i received was directly told to me by the receptionists,
  13. Im not bothered by this petition not one bit what does bother me however is that the remain camp seem to think fraud is a good idea to get politicians to take notice, like i said David Cameron has always said no second referendum so why are the remain camp even trying, anyone else committing fraud would be strung up by there nethers.
  14. Think you might want to read the news regarding this, its being currently investigated for fraud after 77,000 signatures have been removed so far, and rightly so. Seems the remain camp have no morals as well as being sore loses, this petition should now be seen for what it is and be disregarded, David Cameron had always said no second referendum.
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