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  1. A belated welcome to the forum! I have (also?) been away for some time but decided to return occasionally to welcome newbies such as yourself!
  2. Comment deleted, the threads too far from the realms of sanity now
  3. Im causing havoc on Facebook with that thing! Its offending so many people and I think I might be in mortal danger if I ever go back to Sheffield now!
  4. Bago was banned for being over argumentative, abusive and ...well, the less said the better. Salsa is scarily similar to Bago with the typing style, Im not personally saying Salsa IS her, and Im sure that the others arent either because theres no proof, and Im sure that Salsa is totally different personality-wise to Bago and Im sure that unlike her, Salsa is a nicer person- I dont want to insult Salsa and I apologise if I did... Its suspiciously similar though. The only real difference is Salsa hasnt mentioned or accused anyone of racism, Bago used to do that several times an hour for the most spurious of reasons. Im not sure we should be discussing Bago anyway, Im sure there are rules or something against discussing the banished but I just felt the need to add my bit before the other 30 or so people who have seen the similarities do
  5. Brilliant stuff! They should be posted around the forum!
  6. Women should be seen and not heared. And on the rare occasions that they ARE heared, the only sounds they should make is "Do you want a sandwich, dear?" or "I ironed your shirt, master".
  7. I just type the first thing that comes into my pretty little head, I rarely now how the sentance Im currently typing is going to end, if I planned anything in advance Id probably get bored and bugger off half way through the pos
  8. My OH started in June. Im sure theres a slate loose on her roof.
  9. I sent a can of that stuff back to the manufacturers once with the complaint that theyd only put in the letter O`s. Turned out it was a can of hoops.
  10. When I hear the word Compassion I reach for my dictionary. Then remember that I ate my dictionary a long time ago!
  11. Just look at my Facebook link at the bottom of my post to see what I REALLY look like! I think you`ll be turned on like the others who see me!
  12. Well yeah you have a good point. I lived with someone who was constantly suspicious and questioned everything I did and now Im with the exact opposite of her and thinking about it I must say that if something different happened Id mention it.
  13. I have more female friends than male by far and I spend a lot of time with them and I dont tell my OH everything. Its a matter of trust, not only in each other but in yourselves too, if someones going to play around then they`ll do it no matter what so if you can trust yourselves and each other than it shouldnt matter how many members of the opposite sex you see.
  14. The child is a tomboy! The only things dangling from the handlebars were the intestines of various animals she had ridden over! The bike is a BMX thing and is covered in pictures of skulls and sabres and other butch things! Come to think of it, so is she...
  15. I have the song on my Ipod! Thats how old I am! Its peaceful here on SF, if you check my Facebook wall you`ll see that Im being picked on for nothing yet again! I come here for the peace and quiet- to hide from all the evil people who simply live to make my life a hell on Earth!
  16. Dreaming of them? Im still IN them thanks to my brain damage!
  17. I managed to escape from the Facebook High security section, a warder left a hatch open!
  18. What about people who ask you to make them a drink...? They all have their little ways of doing it. My OH, being naturally full of contempt for me simply holds up her cup and waves it at me, sometimes tapping it with a fingernail to get my attention if Im not looking. She doesnt say a word, just holds up that damn cup and tap tap tap taptaptaptap until I move my arris.
  19. I used to hate spiders but since we got a couple of bearded dragons as pets I now catch them and give the lizards a snack.
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