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  1. Ok, sounds like a daft question but everything in the cosmos has a velocity, yes? The speed of sound, light etc., but gravity...? If a black hole was to pop into existence a million miles away from us, exactly how long would it take before we started to be sucked into it? I know its not likely to happen, but try to imagine... And, they also say that everything in the cosmos that has gravity, has a slight effect on everything else, Saturn has a slight effect on Earth, the Earth has a slight effect on Uranus (snigger) and Uranus has a slight effect on the planet Cousbane thats in the small galaxy thats a little bit to the left of Mars. If thats the case, then the Andromeda galaxy, which is 2.2 million light years away has an effect on our galaxy, we know this to be true because its going to hit us in a few billion years time, both galaxys will collide. The gravity that we`re experiencing from that, then... is it the gravity from now?..Or from 2.2 million years ago...? Anyone have any ideas? I know that this question would have been answered within minutes back in Ye gooooood olllllde dayyyyys of the forum, lets see if any of us have the capacity of the old uns!
  2. My mother told me there was a fairground on the fields next to Holgate avenue on Parson cross and there was a fairground there. She told me that the entire fair was totally wrecked and parts of it blown all over half of Parson cross.
  3. So the old far- Rigsby was right then? I was wrong to put hot water in the kettle? I... Im gonna do it anyway, just to spite him.
  4. I was going to start a poll but the lead in my brain made the voices tell me not to!
  5. I hate it, you can actually feel yourself getting physically weaker and I recently had three teeth pulled and the gob doctor told me that it was "Just" old age that had made the teeth yankable. My OH is sixteen years younger than me too and that doesnt help, you can see the differences in age between us, in tastes in music and other stuff. Im getting wrinkles too, I think I might be turning into some sort of lizard.
  6. Yeah, yeah I KNOW how the title looks but bear with me a sec, ok, poppets? My inlaws were visiting the other day and ... theyre old... know what I mean...? They remember Hitler and mammoths and stuff and... Actually thats not really germaine to the topic but I like having a go at them. Any road up, I was making a drink and filled the kettle from the hot tap, assuming that if the waters hot to start with, then it`ll boil faster, I can make their drinks faster, they can drink it faster then bugger off home and leave me alone in peace, know what I mean? So, the father in law (Rigsby) sees me and tells me to empty the kettle, refill it with COLD water and start again. I asked him why and he said that tea and coffee tastes better with water thats been boiled from cold instead of boiled from hot. I asked him if he`s had an alzheimers test recently and he laughed, playfully broke my nose and told me to stop asking stupid questions and "Get on with it". So I pretended to empty the kettle and fill it with cold water, but instead filled it with hot , made the drinks , served them and didnt get any complaints. After theyd drank it I told them that I had made it with hot instead of cold and THEN they complained that it didnt taste right! So, my little bogey eaters, what do you think...? ARE drinks different when made from water thats hot or cold to start with? WHY are they different if they are different? I know some of you utterly hate it when I end a topic starter with the word "Discuss", so DISCUSS! heh
  7. Damn One of my best "Friends" on SF and one of the best posters and one who could always make me snort and laugh loudly with his posts. We`re losing a lot of good people these days, arent we...? R.I.P. Shoey, you`ll be sorely missed.
  8. I used to have a pic of myself but it was so disturbing that they made me change it to something less creepy.
  9. Ohhhhh youre gonna pay for that, my lad!
  10. I just sent him the addy for this thread. Not sure if he`ll read it or even respond but a lot of his arguments are pretty valid, one of them saying that hes simply trying to take the demon out of the word. In the 80S my firm had its own football team who were called "The Moonshine mongs" and anyone who worked hard at the firm was called "Top mong." The manager was "Toppest mong" because he was the boss and none of it had anything to do with Downs syndrome. Even back then that word was disassociated from Downs for many people. Mong was a word that caught on, sounded amusing and pertained to clumsy, socially messed up people- Ok its origins might have lied with Downs but that had changed as early as back then.
  11. Hang on. You can light farts with cigs...?
  12. I lived with a non smoker for 20 hellish years, the pink lunged, fresh breathed FREAK! She bathed- WASHED her body! SHE EVEN WIPED HER BOTTY AFTER A POO, FOR GODS SAKE! Who in the name of Satans` appendix could put up with someone like that????? Any road up, I dumped her, the sound of her chest- or lack of it was ruining my night time wheezing sessions and good riddance to bad rubbish! Im with a new bit now, she smokes, she rarely bathes, she wipes her vast and extremely spotty rump on news papers after she`s fettled her colon and she`s great! We get on like a house on fire! Which... is apt really.... cos she fell asleep with a fag in her hand last week and burned the place down.
  13. I only typed it because she was standing behind me with a big stick!
  14. If you look at the link youll see its just heading towards Australia now.
  15. You`ll be able to see it if you look upwards! Unless it decides to come down before it gets here.
  16. Its probably only a Chinese lantern anyway
  17. Have a look here: http://www.lizard-tail.com/isana/tracking/index.html?&target=uars Keep hitting f5 if it wont load straight away... its g oing to pass over scotland and the next pass will be more or less over the midlands.
  18. Now youre just trying to turn me on!
  19. Which, as we all know is actually "Scones" and not "SCONS"
  20. Pensioners are the pepperami of the cannibal world!
  21. In my world Im sane!!!!!! SANE!!!!!!!!!
  22. Sounds like excuse after excuse to stop you from having them!
  23. Im old and grizzled but quite sane, so welcome!
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