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  1. Excellent stuff here. I enjoyed reading this lot!
  2. That was my first post to here from my Ipod, it works!
  3. Or if the gravity from an object say a million light years away is the gravity from today or a million years ago?
  4. Ok got that! Very interesting stuff!
  5. Right, Im off for a while, this is turning into an interesting thread with some fascinating stuff on it! I look forward to returning later to see what else I can learn!
  6. Bugger that! Lets discover it here! Tonight!
  7. See? Isnt this more interesting than simply going to google?
  8. Hang on... "Graviton"? Is that a unit of gravity...?
  9. Light as far as we`re aware is the fastest its possible to travel. May be different on star trek though, I dont watch science fiction, real science is more interesting.
  10. The lopped off heads in the Dalek shells...? Im still looking for applicants but the wimps wont volunteer!
  11. Opinions! Thats 99% of the forum! Google is a short cut thats useless for opinions. Just think how small the forum would be if everyone and everything was directed to google.
  12. Instantaneously? Faster then light then? If a vast mass appeared a light year away would we be dragged towards it before we saw it...?
  13. Yep I know, I was speaking metophorically. Trying to imagine what would happen if a huge mass of gravity were to appear out of nowhere. I was trying to sort of quantify it to get it into perspective.
  14. Ok if gravity travels at the speed of light and an object appears then we`d start moving towards it as soon as we saw it because the speed of light allows us to see it at the same time as gravity reaches us... Im resisting the urge to google this. I want to hear opinions, google is killing the forum because people are expected to use that instead of actually communicating here.
  15. It must have .... there has to be a time between an object and the force it asserts on something.... Its my fault, Im not wording it well enough and probably getting confusing.
  16. Im already classed as a genius by the chimps at Twycross zoo- I taught them to eat each others bogeys instead of their own!
  17. So... ok then... this is a killer isnt it? Ok.. so if gravity has a sort of... unit...then.. My frontal lobes are starting to melt here.... it causes things to speed up, ok thats fair enough, a black hole can make something travel at light speed for instance, but.. what if a black hole ever appeared in space nearby...? Would we get to see it before it started to drag us in? Or would we start moving towards it the very second it appeared...? Or,,, before it appeared...? Im starting to confuse myself now
  18. I was in the bath when I thought it up, it was my "Eureka" moment, or in my case, my "Bleedin `ell thats a good un!" moment!
  19. but gravity itself.... does that have a speed...? Ok the speed of light has been mentioned.
  20. So gravity travels at the speed of light? We`re feeling the effects of the Andromeda Galaxy as it was 2 million years ago...?
  21. Id rather not if you dont mind...? I prefer to hear peoples opinions on the matter. Google is too easy. If I wanted to google it I would have, just as I google other things such as coughporn
  22. Its not easy is it? The force though has to have a sort of set speed, the gravitational force from the sun, which is about 8 light minutes from us... is that force from the sun as it is now or from 8 minutes ago...? I know we dont understand the nature of gravity as much as we`d like to, but... I wonder if there are any theorys at least about that...?
  23. They do, the greater the mass, the greater the gravitational force. How long would it take to travel though? Would the gravity of a sugar cube travel slower than the gravity of a car...?
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