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  1. I think my shouting "MORE, MORE!" put them off a bit.
  2. Of all those names I remember Alan Crocker. My brother is married to Alans sister, I haven't seen any of them since the late 80s. Alan was certainly a character!
  3. You DO realise that you just turned me on there...?
  4. The rings are shiny and shiny things are never crap... unless you drink chip fat... that makes your crap pretty shiny, trust me I experimented.
  5. The rings arrived today, just two plain gold bands. I opened the box and did a little poo.
  6. If she puts a chain on my balls I'll divorce the bugger!
  7. I'd love to find out how all the lads from the 70s and 80s are doing, there we're some good people at that firm.
  8. One day Im gonna build a flying saucer and abduct aliens. Lets see how THEY like having their botty-wottys probed.
  9. That's what worrys me. The thought.of all that totty who will be heartbroken because they lost their chance to ravish me. It must be hell for them.
  10. There May be a come-back in the offing. I'm using my phone to post with and....looks like it actually works. Heh there's no escape from me now.
  11. Yeah I remember Cadey! He was a big lad- didnt he end up the landlord of a pub on penistone road?
  12. I started at Moonshine lane in 79, and had a great time there, the wages were terrible and the work was hard but I managed to have a laugh every day.
  13. Thanks, everyone, not too good with fora and such since the eyes got worse so typing here is hard work for me but my phone allows me to use facebook without too much trouble so Im usually on there, stinking that place up. Lord knows why she wanted to get married after 10 years of happily living in sin but she upped my life insurance, started a clay pigeon shooting hobby then informed me that she wants to marry me. Who am I to argue...?
  14. Its nice to see this thread is still active and helping people.
  15. Mine was simply the first word that popped into my head when I tried to think of a username for the forum.
  16. This thread appears to have played itself out now and Id like to thank everyone for contributing. Very interesting stuff and this is what I call a forum thread, this is SF at its best.
  17. Oh god its back again!!!!! ITS IN MY HEAD!!!!!!!!
  18. I will NOT be intimidated by that horrible song!!!!!!!!!!
  19. We all get them: Earworms, those horrible songs that get stuck in the head and simply will NOT go! I have one right now, thanks to some breath-taking cruelty on Facebook and as a "Cure," I`m now playing ELO very very loudly. I hope it works but its a very strong earworm and its haunting me. Tell me, my sexy little snot-gobblers, whats your earworm and how do you make it go away...?
  20. Ok I bowed to pressure and Googled it. "How fast is gravity?" I asked. It brought me here, to this thread.... heh
  21. Thats that thing with the little electric shock thing isnt it...? I was once tasered by a lady I was trying to spank and I didnt lose any hair at all! Just a filling or two.
  22. Thanks for that! Im really enjoying this and learning something, I reckon I`ll be asking more questions of this nature.
  23. Welcome to the forum! Can I offer a little advice...? Never attempt to shave your legs with a nose hair trimmer, I just tried and its agony.
  24. I just want to know what light travels through now. I mean, they say that space is a vacuum and there has to be something to travel through, such as a gas or liquid, if theres nothing then what does it travel through... come to think of it... radio waves too.
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