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  1. Its great that both genders can take part in this, because From the first day of PMS, when our wives and girlfriends get "emotional", to the last day of the cycle, when so-called "Normality" returns, we poor males have to go through this too. We care enough about our loved ones to want to try to understand this, and the more we men know, the better, I`m sure it is for our partners. I`m sure that I`m going to get slated for my PMS reference, I didnt put it in the way I intended, but thanks for allowing the men to have their say here.
  2. During the 70s myself and a friend used to dig the rats up and kill them on the 2nd field from Holgate Avenue. Cruel, I know, but one day in `75 we dug one out of its hole that was huge. It attacked us and scared us so badly that we didnt dare kill any more. For a couple of 14 year olds it was a horrible thing to do and I now think we more than deserved the scare we had.
  3. I took my partner, who is from Leicester into a butchers on Margetson shops for a snack and when she asked for a Ham Salad "Cob" the girl behind the counter looked at her as if she`d just spoken French to her.
  4. I was engaged to a girl in 1980 who died of toxic shock from a tampon. An almost microscopic piece of cotton caused it aparrantly, i hope the quality of these things have improved since then.
  5. Agreed! They need a hobby or something, ANYTHING has to be better than Yorkie-Baiting.
  6. I`m in Leicestershire, god help me, and I cant even say the word "Bread Cake" because people fall around laughing at my accent, and one night in a chippy when I was drunk and asked for a Fish Cake on a Bread Cake I had to wait for the wench behind the counter to stop howling with laughter before she served me, and THEN she gave me a rissole! They dont know what a fish cake is here, the bloody heathens, I havent had one for four years now and im getting withdrawal symptoms.
  7. What I`ll never understand is how the leeches managed to survive, the stream was full of the little sods and its obvious that they could have fed off the cattle when there were farms around, but by the 60s and 70s and even today, cattle are a distant memory there, I used to find the occasional cows tooth on the fields and stuff but thats all. Did they exist solely by attaching themselves to kids? Did they cling onto the many rats that live along the stream? Bugger David Attenborough and his gorillas, (Not Literally for gods sake!) he ought to get to the brook and do a programme on them.
  8. The tunnel thats half way along the field was still there in 2000 when I saw it, its where the stream swings to the left around the back gardens that line the close, but its pretty hard to miss as its only a narrow thing. As for the Bogeymen in the foxhill part of the tunnel, it was probably some of my bog-eyed friends who had the guts to go in there. I know I was certainly too wimpy to go far into it.
  9. Thanks for that, because I could waffle on for hours about stuff that would seem trivial to others, for instance, daring each other as kids to crawl along the tunnel that goes under Holgate Avenue, and coming out into the sunlight on the other end of the tunnel, proud and laughing....until we discovered that we were covered in leeches. One question though... About half way along the field between Wordsworth Avenue and Holgate Avenue is a tunnel that dissapears into and under the estate, its obviously for drainage, because after heavy rainstorms it looks like a hose pipe under full pressure. We often considered crawling along it to find out where it lead to, but most of the kids in the area were scared of the tunnel because our parents told us that a kid had once crawled along it and was never seen again, (Same with the tunnel that runs under Wordsworth Avenue, it doesnt have an ending- irrisistable for kids) and I`m wondering if theres any truth to the story, or was it simply a "Bogeyman" tale to keep us from exploring. Does anyone know anything about it? I know that they intended "piping" the entire stream from at least Wordsworth to Holgate in the 50s, and covering it with soil and grassland, but aparrantly a kid was playing next to the concrete pipes and one of them rolled and crushed him.
  10. I remember my dad telling me that on the fields on the Ecclesfield side of the stream, where the flats are now, was an area where they had a funfair each year, and sometime in the 50s, a freak tornado hit the area and completely ravaged the fair, and took roofs off quite a few of the houses. After the tornado the fair was moved to the area near to Colley School. Erm... I know its hardly relevant information considering the topic, and as I`m typing this, I`m beginning to wonder if im turning senile.
  11. I moved from sheffield to Leicestershire in 2002, Ok, so its hardly Oz or Canada, but its still a different world, Its brilliant here, and as much as I loved Sheffield I`d never move back, life is easier here, even the damn kids are polite!
  12. Im not sure exactly when Holgate Avenue was built, but if you go to number 90 and check the wall on the side of the house about 15 feet to the right of the front door, you`ll see an area of repaired damage. That was caused by a chunk of shrapnel from a bomb that was dropped in 1940. The Luftwaffe were trying to make it to the industrial area and one of the planes dropped a bomb a long way short of its mark.
  13. I used to work at Tescos when it was on the Wilkinsons site, they werent allowed to sell alcohol because of the graveyard under the place, and the building was said to be haunted by the souls of the people in the graves. I used to sit on the balcony of the freemasons arms at lunchtime, drink a pint, and watch a kingfisher diving into the river. Youre right, the place has a hell of a lot of hidden surprises and history.
  14. I`m not sure if this will help, i hope it does, but I have a blog and I posted a few stories about Hillsborough on it. The addy is : http://dopplereffect.blog.co.uk/ You might have to hunt through it for the stories, one in particular is an account of a time when i worked in a store there in the 70s. I hope this helps you.
  15. Yup that was number 90, the house where I was born in 1960, I remember the flood, I think I was about 6 at the time, and we were flooded again in 1979.
  16. I remember my dad telling me that up until the war, Holgate avenue was part of Adlington road, the stream next to the house we lived in was the border between Sheffield and Ecclesfield, he also told me about a Hurricane and a Messershmit having a dogfight over the fields in 1940, he and my mother stopped digging an anderson shelter to watch the fight. My dad was a manager at a steelworks so he couldnt go to fight the war because of the reserved occupation thing, and at nights he had to go and wander the streets of sheffield looking out for incendiary bombs. aparrantly, the houses that were built on the Ecclesfield side of the brook were classed as new parson cross.
  17. My parents moved to Holgate in 1938 or thereabouts from the slums in Attercliffe so it was a definate move up for them, they loved the area and for a long time it was classed as a posh estate, and even in the 80s when I was living in Hillsborough a lot of people there were convinced that The Cross was a nice, decent place to live- which in many ways it was. I certainly loved it there, the only bad thing about it was the occasional rough-arsed family who gave the area a bad name, and thats the same for places all over the world. I miss living there and I think I always will. I have some great memories of the place and people.
  18. It was called the Brewery Tap in the early 80s, and ran by a couple of gay guys called Len and Paul, we used to start our pub crawls off from there, then work our way through town to the Wap n Take, then into the night clubs to finish ourselves off. We`d start at The Tap, then go to the Complete Angler, then to the Dove and Rainbow, then to the Blue Ball, then to The Stonehouse, then stagger to the Saddle, then on to The Friendship, then crawl to The Wap. On some nights, when we were feeling really suicidal, we`d get a taxi to Attercliffe and work out way back into town, and through the pubs in the Wicker. A pint in each pub. They were good days...erm...from the little I can remember.
  19. I remember a teacher at Southey School dragging me around the classroom by the hair and smashing my head into the cupboards as we went along all because I hadnt made a perfectly straight margin on my page before starting my work. God knows how these people get their jobs.
  20. I had a Raleigh Chopper and I used to ride it along the fields from Holgate Avenue to Barnsley Road all day and for most of the night, backwards and forwards, backwards and forwards. I had calves like a bodybuilders but an arse you could park a bus in, those seats were torture for a growing lad.
  21. I was born on Holgate Avenue in 1960, I lived there until I was 21 and left for another part of the city, but in 1990 I moved back to The Cross with my disabled son and lived on Wordsworth Avenue across from the petrol station. He died in 2001 and a few months later I moved to Leicestershire and I`ve been here ever since. Where I am now is posh when compared to The Cross and in the countryside, but I still miss The Cross and the people there.
  22. "The Snake" by Human League, Thats about the snake pass and areas of Sheffield are mentioned in the song.
  23. What about Gordon is a moron by jilted john? Wasnt he a sheffielder?
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