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  1. May??? What am I? A monk ??? I can't wait that long, that's Very nearly an arm full.
  2. I'm not back, just a much missed and very welcome visitor who pops by now and then to bring a lovely ray of sunshine into your lives. Yeah. My god, I'm lovely.
  3. Redhead. REDHEAD?!? Bugger the flirting, just Marry me!
  4. Aren't legends usually dead...? ---------- Post added 21-02-2014 at 01:19 ---------- And ok. Flirting. I'm not too up on the flirting... Thing. Let's see.. Ok The dirt under my toenails often smells of sick... How's that for a first attempt...?
  5. The same bugger who let's the dogs out! Ok I admit it , I've been here all along, since 2005. No ones told me how to log out!
  6. Whelks ? Did someone mention whelks...? I never got flirted with, lord knows why because I'm gorgeous!
  7. I saw the words "Night" and "Whelk" and like candyman I rose from my feculent pit so see what was happening. I may stay, I may not, I may gibber a little tune about the tragedy of polythene. On the other paw, I may return to my swamp to comb my bingo wing hairs. Hope everyone is doing ok and you're all behaving! ---------- Post added 11-09-2013 at 09:19 ---------- I must say though that I like this Night clown person even though I've never met him. We need photos. Of him naked preferably
  8. I can't type much because I'm currently trying to keep my botty hairs from ignighting, I was slipped garlic earlier and it's slowly killing me
  9. Who dares wake the mighty jabberwock from his chilli pit of bum spurtage?
  10. In the 70s I had a German helmet hairstyle, bright blue bell bottom trousers, six inch brown platform shoes , yellow kipper tie with a knot the size of Glasgow and a bright red shirt with a collar like Concordes' wings. To top it all off I wore a midnight blue velvet jacket. You HAD to be calm in that lot, you'd be sectioned if you so much as blinked out of place.
  11. A year already. Still feels like he only died a few months ago.
  12. Youre very welcome and please dont let my experience with the pills colour your next few months. I and a few others had a rather rough time on them but many succeeded on them. I dont use the forum often now but I DO lurk disgustingly around the edges of this thread, spying, leering, drooling onto my keyboard. Its always good to see new people join here and if you get the time it might be good for you to have a look around the other threads on Sheffield forum, its a good place with some lovely people and theres always something to contribute to. God I sound like an advert. Anyway, as I said earlier, good luck and a lot of people are behind you even if they dont actually type much here, you`ll find that when you really need them, there will be lots of people with some good, sound advice plus anything you contribute will help those who follow.
  13. Excellent stuff and welcome to the forum! I'll be interested to see how you manage, good luck and keep us informed!
  14. Thanks all! I had a great day, i had a very good day, I got my vision back for a couple of years. Once the new lenses settle in I may even make avreturn to SF! You lucky buggers ! ---------- Post added 14-12-2012 at 00:16 ---------- Its a vast issue to me, and it occurs at ALL times! Im not complaining, I'm bragging.
  15. Thank you! Im just a little older than SF!
  16. Another ten years would be quite nice. Id like to see the 20th birthday Well? What are you gawping at?? Get on with it!
  17. I attempted to fashion a new one out of a dead fox I found in a skip, it was a little too rigid though but repeated hammering with a mallet I stole from a neighbour soon loosened him up. Things were going well... Then I got hungry and ate it. Note to self: must stop snacking in between meals.
  18. I had the tinnitus thing , plus other strange sounds popping up for no apparent reason. That was on the full dose though and if I remember rightly it stopped at the half dose. As far as I can remember loads of bad stuff stopped at the half dose, including my unearthly urge to eat garlic.
  19. Just tried on the meat thong, havent worn it for ages so it was rotting a bit...plus it was rather runny and maggoty. Anyway I got hungry and ate it.
  20. Fungers is from Lancashire. In spite of this, please welcome her,. Oh and, meeting me enhanced her life, honestly!
  21. The dress was a slimline one, the reason the bottom was fluffed out was mainly because of the Chicken Madrass and 12 pints of stella from the night before.
  22. Thanks everyone, it was a good day and I behaved myself. Some of the time.
  23. Still shaking the bush, boss. Now about to try e cigs. I'll try to update here but it isn't easy because I'm having vision probs.
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