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  1. Alot of wishfull thinking Robbo
  2. It's not my views on the Labour party being discussed but it's only fair in my opinion that when you attack the BNP it's pointed out that your doing in from a position in a party of liars and kiddy killers . Please prove the BNP have ever solicited money from Colonel Gaddafi , you cant because it never happened . The electoral commision is welcome to look into this theres nothing to hide with Civil Libertys . If the BNP wanted to " circumnavigate around the law " it could quit easily get donations from overseas sent to our branches in Ulster because your bend mate phoney Toney left a loop hole in the law so that the six countys are not coverd by the funding clauses in the electoral bill , he probably didn't want to upset his terrorist mates in Sinn Féin who get some very big donations from the USA .
  3. Fuel man's BNP stand http://icnewcastle.icnetwork.co.uk/sundaysun/news/tm_headline=fuel-man%2Ds-bnp-stand%26method=full%26objectid=18573195%26siteid=50081-name_page.html
  4. These 'journalists' are getting payed for nothing have a look at CLs web site http://www.civilliberty.org.uk/ that some of those running it are also in the BNP is no big secret Kevin Scott even puts his ugly mug on the main page on the 'our work' page the cases of Arthur Redfearn and Tina Wingfield two BNP members who have been persecuted for holding political beliefs New Labour dont like are highlighted .
  5. Robbo the internal decisions of Sheffield BNP have has much to do with you as labours have to me so dont hold your breath waiting for a reply to questions about them . Roy has already stated his reasons for not renewing his membership are private so I will respect that and hope others do , as to if he joins another party that also his his decision but Sheffield BNP wish him well whatever he decides and thank him for his efforts in the past for the BNP , we do live in a sort of democracy despite New Labours best efforts so Roys free to choose what party to support. The doors not closed Roy if you change your mind . One member thinking over his future is hardly a split I dont like out of date terms like "extreme right-wing" but if you want to use labels groups on the 'right' are no more prone to splits than those on the 'left' If New-Labour had more members prepared to put principle before personal profit and risk those cushy jobs for the boys by speaking out I'm sure your party would make any splits on the 'right' look like a family tiff . I'd be ashamed to be a member of a party as corrupt as New labour who's leaders are war criminals by any definition , you should have the courage to speak out against these things not worry about what other partys are doing , get your own house in order .
  6. Irving and the other holocaust deniers should not go to prison they should be allowed to debate their vile opinions with real historians then face public ridicule when shown to be liars and frauds , locking up these morons gives them the oxegeon of publicity as this case shows without destroying this growing myth .
  7. Are you related to my father inlaw Tony I'm experiencing a spot of deja vous
  8. We should pray for these poor girls and hope the maniac responsible is caught before he can strike again .
  9. I believe unions have an important part to play in defending workers rights and making sure health and safety legislation is adhered to but I dont think this is top of the agenda with some unions at the moment . When I started my present job the union rep approached me about joining I agreed but said I wanted to opt out of the political levy as I did not want to fund the Labour party he looked shocked and when I told him I was a BNP voter he just walked away saying that I was not welcome in his union .
  10. If it saved one British sevice mans life it would be more than our so called European allies .
  11. As you know Ken the helicopter incident was a special forces op and I think it's safe to say it probably wasn't a one of , other help will have been mainly in the intel field so is hardly going to be the stuff of public debate , one goverment would not have so publicly thanked another if the assistance given was not significant .
  12. Nothing to do with anything political, a man who was a friend to Britain during the Falklands conflict has died the logistical and other help given by Pinochet shortend the war and saved lifes .
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