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  1. Thank You would not have hurt would it. There are a lot worse people out there that would have taken it for themselves.
  2. Hi All, Sorry if I have put this in the wrong group. I have composed a couple of poems which at the moment are remaining a couple as I would like to show my work to the right people and enquire about possibly publishing some of my work? Can anyone start me off?
  3. Sorry to hear about everything! Im sure you will have lots of support through this already but PM me if you would like a listening ear. I haven't had much experience but the little I have has made me have a wise head on young shoulders LOL! You're showing a strong side already by posting about it in the first place.
  4. If she does something like this everytime, I agree with Ann. Unfortunately maybe she needs to learn that your arrangements won't revolve around her. The earlier suggestion I made for you to arrange something with her separately was just to keep your friendship with her really. Just a drink in the local or something,
  5. Coz is she just causing problems or has she got a point?
  6. If you hide more away and move it around a little it seems that you do have less, LOL. (Or is that classed as spreading it about LOL) hmmmm:huh:
  7. Why don't you arrange something separate with other one and explain the cost implications?
  8. We have a cooker hood which is stainless steel, I did try Baby Oil on this to try and get rid of the smears but it didn't seem to work, so I tried fairy liquid and it came up a treat!
  9. From being born i was brought up to believe in God, studying many books, reading about how he is behind the creation of the Universe, how he set the planets at the correct distances so we would not freeze or boil. I was also asked to read the bible on regular occasions, but now i have nothing to do with that faith at all im now 20 and I honestly think that the faith is more of a 'cult'.
  10. You can be christened when you are older, or im sure when you have a bath next dont you just draw a cross upon your forehead with the water?
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