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  1. Female Staffie, black with white patch on her chest. Answers to name of Pepsi. She went missing from a back garden near Longley park last night. She could possibly be anywhere from Longley to Shirecliffe. Pepsi was possibly last seen around Co-op on Southey green rd around 830pm. Any info please Pm me for contact number, she is a much loved family pet. Thank you.
  2. Anyone thats works at Capitas dearne valley site can use the Next shop. The staff are given a discount card and yes, you can take one friend. I recently left there. Its not just for Next staff.
  3. I go past most days and I will today. I'll find out for you.
  4. There is an agency in town, above Blue Arrow on High St. They specialise in education. I went to presentation they did at my kids school. They seemed very helpful and willing to take on people looking for volunteer roles in schools. I must also say your childs school is not very helpful. My kids school actively encourage and help parents pursue getting into any type of work. I have done a couple of courses there and I am currently on a Teaching support course myself and I am waiting for my CRB to come back so I can do my work experience there. I'm just not allowed to work in my childrens years.
  5. Love these pics. I take my children to the the old gun parts to sit and look over the city a lot. They are only 4 and 6 but they love it.
  6. Only a few votes in it!! Support your city by clicking like the Sheffield Hallam video. It is the video titled "BCA cheerleading national championships, Hallam cheer" http://www.facebook.com/TeamGB Scroll down to find the video. Good luck to them.
  7. This is due to the nightly update to your box..Happens to me...i just don't use the control for around 5 mins. Mine normally happens at 1am.
  8. Where could I buy a set of wood carving tools in Sheffield? need a set of around 8-12 tools for around £50.
  9. Stagecoach 83 or first 97/98 from near crucible. Get off the stop after tescos herries rd(moonshine lane/old waterworks) Walk in direction as bus was going. Turn 1st left. At the end of that short rd is Barrie cres.
  10. Its 83, 97,or 98, from outside crucible. I catch them all the time and thats where I get off the bus.
  11. Martins good to go on wicker.... I've bought from there.
  12. I already read this, Ive been googling for about a hour trying to find the exact bus stop to get off...Thats all i wanna know, Thanks.
  13. I've googled it and its just confusing x x
  14. How do I get to Cannon hall farm on the bus? Which is the best stop to get off at?
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