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  1. Mod note, For job adverts and quotes please advertise in the classifieds under "Jobs" This section is not for advertising Thanks
  2. As far as I'm aware, there is no "centre" as such - unless you count McDonalds and the Catholic cathedral as "centres"... Can you say what specifically you are looking for help on?
  3. I'm 2.5KM from my exchange and was getting between 2 and 2.5Mbps while I was with Plusnet - who kept telling me that that was the max speed I could expect. But I moved to Andrews & Arnold a year ago, and I've been consistently getting 4-4.5Mbps... A&A are not cheap, but they know what they are doing, know how to get on BT's back about any problems, and will take the trouble to make sure you get the best possible speed. The main reason I moved to A&A was because their off-peak hours are 6pm-9am (plus all day Sat and Sun), and that's when I have most online activity; the speed increase was certainly an unexpected bonus after what Plusnet kept telling me!
  4. Changes and Disruptions Information posted: 16/12/10 @ 14:00 Buses: First Services in Stocksbridge are operating via Worrall as normal then to Unsliven Bridge via Manchester Road only. Delays on Commercial Street in Sheffield due to a bus being on Fire, Emergency Services en route, road expected to close in due course.
  5. We're in S35 and pick up from Belmont. Better than yesterday, but no Dave or Sky channels, and BBC's unstable.
  6. Just the one? Their admission standards must be dropping...
  7. +1. Works pretty well, and pretty fast.
  8. As I said, depends on how much you want to pay I mentioned them because I've been with them since April, and I've been amazed at the service they provide - although I'm home broadband, not business. Yes, I imagine they're expensive for a small business, but excellence doesn't come cheap in this country.
  9. Depends on how much you want to pay, and how much you value professionalism in an ISP. You might want to have a look at Andrews & Arnold. The guy that runs this company knows what he's doing, knows what his customers want, and is a constant thorn in the backside of BT (see here for an idea of what I mean).
  10. The new 66, 77 and 78 timetables are now out: http://www.travelsouthyorkshire.com/timetables/sheffield/662.htm http://www.travelsouthyorkshire.com/timetables/sheffield/245.htm Also 17 at: http://www.travelsouthyorkshire.com/timetables/sheffield/532.htm
  11. Are you asking or telling...?
  12. Having watched this, I think I'm beginning to understand football now... It's a team game, innit? Certainly a very novel approach by the Germans, but I'm not sure it'll ever catch on in this country... The scary thing is, the core of the German team could be around for another 2 World Cups. But we can console ourselves in the thought that England have won the World Cup more times than Germany...
  13. Try asking in the Computer & Tech Chat section...?
  14. 23... Some of their answers are obviously wrong
  15. The OP lists which features are supported on which devices, I think e.g. T3 is Touch, 3rd generation?
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