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  1. I would like to know how people on this thread can tell the difference, just by looking, between people who are *workshy criminal scum* and people who have major mental, neurological or learning disabilities which severely impair the capacity of someone to do a full time job. Even if an employer is not an ignorant bigot like so many 'normal' people on this forum, and gives a mentally disabled person a job, that person will still need support, and extra time off due to episodes of their illness. Most employers will steer clear of that, and most ill people will risk being thrown back into the more severe and life threatening form of their condition. The government proposals have soft and fluffy promises of extra support for those who need it, but as anyone who has experience of the acute end of mental illness knows, there is no adequate health service or support to begin with, never mind extra help for work. Now you say people should physically attack those they deem 'workshy' even though most people would be totally incapable of identifying who is 'mad' and who is 'bad'. Most people of the type so common in this part of the world think the two groups are the same. The troglodyte faction of Sheffield Forum and all its sociopathic cohorts are actively stirring for a lynch mob mentality, that the multiple thousands of mentally ill and learning disabled who have been abandoned by the system, are fair targets for full blown scapegoating. And don't give me the phoney crap about 'genuine cases' because people who get fascistic about benefit cheats can't tell the difference and don't want to. They simply want a dustbin for the most vile and base of human instincts. There are many reasons to get angry about the state of the country, but targeting the most vulnerable sections for punishment simply advertises your own moral depravity.
  2. This is Sheffield Forum, South Yorkshire, UK, 2011. People don't give a flying F about the sick and disabled or the deliberate targeting of the most vulnerable sectors of society. I've come to the conclusion that most forumers need *benefits scum* to exist so that they have something to project their own sociopathic venom onto. The one thing they genuinely don't give a toss about is 'genuine cases', it's just a knee jerk trope they don't know the meaning of and don't want to know the meaning of. The reality is too messy and complicated.
  3. Just reading this thread I've noticed red1 make several distinctive omissions/errors which are very similar to the distinctive errors another user made earlier today. To be honest I've lost count of the different aliases I believe they use, but you do learn to spot the definitive marks after a while. It's like playing Where's Wally.
  4. Or maybe even some fake Chinese people not going into orbit. As for Alien's leak, they can do wonders with minor surgery these days. There's no need to suffer in silence.
  5. You said they'd be royal. They would not be royal. You were simply wrong.
  6. Why do you think they have to be disguised in those big bubble hat things where you can't see their faces?
  7. I think that getting further sucked into this murky situation just as the domestic cuts really start to hurt will be an effective way of pushing the British people into open revolt. We should keep interference to a minimum.
  8. No there wouldn't. Diana had her HRH taken away, any children would have been as royal as I am.
  9. Three or four years ago it would have been a different story. I understand why some would jump to the conclusion that it was unfair, but it's unfair in the way that allowing guide dogs into cafes and restaurants is 'unfair'. As it happens I've since had another diagnosis which vindicates it further in retrospect, and next time I'll just take the room! I've no idea what daven would think of the situation I referred to, I might pm them later (him? Is it Dave N or is Daven one word?) I do think it's sad that we happen to live in a prevailing culture where basic consideration and responsibility can't be assumed, even in as serious an environment as a hospital.
  10. Again, you've chosen to ignore what I actually posted and imply that I was demanding a room to myself. I didn't, it was the staff nurse who was pushing it and I turned it down. I'm not going to discuss my medical history on here just to satisfy you, my reasons were valid and satisfied the staff I had dealings with. Unless you know the issues involved you've no right to make ignorant and insulting judgements. The health service has to deal with a far wider range of issues and illnesses than are in your limited imagination.
  11. As you don't know what my genuine reason was you're in absolutely no position to judge. My genuine reason was embedded in my medical history. And the alternative was a private room - which was NOT a demand from me, it was the staff nurse who suggested it and I turned it down as she'd already agreed to allow me my lifeline. Everyone who knows the details of my clinical record agreed that I was an appropriate case for a discrete exception to be made. And if you read what I posted, you'll see that even if everyone were allowed a phone, there is a world of difference between quietly texting with the ringer switched off and yakking away in front of people. That IS being inconsiderate.
  12. A Tibetan sky burial looks the most efficient, natural and space saving to me. They have to do it that way because the diggable ground is too shallow and fuel is scarce. I don't think the pigeons and crows round my way are up to the job though. [Warning: do not go looking for this on youtube unless you already know what a sky burial involves and are prepared!]
  13. I heard a starling recently that mimicked the standard Sheffield Homes burglar alarm noise. Talk about adapting to your environment.
  14. Hospital stays can be distressing, painful, worrying, you can feel drugged or exhausted yet find it difficult to get to sleep, wards being restless and bustling with people coming and going. You can be at such a low ebb that the slightest thing can set you off. I ended up driven to tears of frustration by the woman next to me who would not and could not stop talking - even to herself, even late at night. I think people wouldn't generally mind things like phone calls if the user is discreet and considerate of those around and as long as it doesn't interfere with the staff's duties or treatment. Unfortunately discretion and consideration can't be assumed with a lot of people. I'm horrified that anyone could think of taking a photo as Daven describes. I did take a mobile in for my stay but for a genuine reason that the staff nurse understood and made an exception for. I only texted though, never spoke or had the ringer on. It may well have caused resentment among others in the bay that the rules were bent, but the alternative was having a room to myself which they probably would have resented even more. They'd have hated me much more if I'd been banned from using it, it was a lifeline.
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