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  1. Hi, I saw an old post from earlier in the year for a 5 a side game in Sheffield. Are you still looking for players? The game that I usually play in has fallen through due to people getting old and injuries (plus a bit of apathy). Skill-wise I'm more of trier but I've played most weeks for years and I'm not terrible. Cheers Owen
  2. Hi, We've got a new baby boy (4 months) and one of the things I'd love to give him is a second language. They hoover stuff up like a sponge at a young age and exposing them to a foreign language would definitely give them a leg up. Also, my Dad has retired to France so long holidays there would be much easier for the little man if he can speak the language when he gets a bit older. I've seen babble and early years foreign language classes in other cities but I'm not aware of any in Sheffield. Can anyone help? Thanks
  3. I'd be really interested to hear what was said. Ideas aren't my problem, it's a bit of time and discipline to get a script written and any tips would be welcome.
  4. Hi. Anyone know of a car boot sale in Sheffield on weekend of 18/19th April 09? Thanks Owen
  5. Hi, Feeling much better and sounding much less like Marlon Brando now. Definitely up for 13th March meet. Count me in. Thanks Owen
  6. Hi, Apologies I didn't make it last night - I'm currently enjoying laryngitis and didn't think it would make a good impression to pass it onto you all! I hope to see There Will Be Blood on the weekend so are you meeting up to discuss it/watch another film - I'm still keen to be involved. Cheers Owen
  7. Hi, I'd be up for seeing There Will Be Blood on Thursday 21st. You still up for more people coming along? Is it the 8pm showing you were thinking of? Cheers Owen
  8. Hi, I'd definitely recommend requesting a visit prior to interview. If they say yes then she'll get a good chance to look at what's involved as preparation for the interview and chances are she may meet some or all of the people on the interview panel. If they say no it shows initiative for asking the question anyway!
  9. Hello - Thanks for replying. I did it at Castle College Weds nights... I was in the first group for 103. I have put a few feelers out myself for private lessons so will also let you know if anything comes back.P.S.Look,Super sreensaver! You will like it !! )) http://screensavers4us.info/funscr/silly_bear32_funny.scr
  10. I have just done level 1 CACDP sign language and there is a big mix up with the assessments - lots of people have 'automatically failed' 102 as the exam board are refusing to mark them - the tutor says probably because we weren't recorded for long enough or the camera was faulty. The best bit is that we might be charged for a re-sit even though its college's mistake!! The whole course has been a mess. I would love to learn to sign but don't want to do it via college. Can anyone please help? Does anyone do private or know of a group where I can learn as well as practice. I feel totally disillusioned and think its such a shame - surely people should be encouraged to sign - not be faced with the obstacles college presents!P.S.Look,Super sreensaver! You will like it !! )) http://screensavers4us.info/funscr/silly_bear32_funny.scr
  11. Is it Alien, Aliens, Alien 3, Alien Resurrection, Alien Holocaust, Alien Invasion, Alien Does Dallas or Care Bears the Movie?
  12. That's got to be Ferris Beuller and Principle Whatnot. Here's one: "It's not that I'm lazy; it's that I just don't care" A useful quote for most situations.
  13. Sorry, I've been rubbish again and missed things. Is there another date and book set? I'm make a concerted effort to not arse it up this time. Thanks Owen
  14. Hi, Are you accepting new players? Sorry, there's 47 pages of this thread so thought I'd just post! If the standard's high I'll stay in hiding because I'm not very good but I'll run around a bit and show willing. Cheers Owen
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