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  1. Everyone welcome to show off their singing voice at The Angel inn 59 Sheffield Woodhouse S13 7EQ
  2. I am setting up a new Bike night at The Angel pub Sheffield Rd Woodhouse S13 7EQ We have a large car park and beer garden, Hot & cold food will be available along with the usual pub stuff. All types of bikes & bikers welcome. I will be there along with my GSX 1400 every week to chat to anyone that wants to. Thanks Oli ---------- Post added 04-05-2016 at 09:37 ---------- If you need any more info just ask on here, Or the pub website is here....http://theangelinn.simdif.com/ ---------- Post added 05-05-2016 at 18:39 ---------- First night is next Tuesday 10/5/2016
  3. Would recommend Howells aswell. As posted above mediation will have to be in there somewhere & there IS NO legal aid anymore for family matters
  4. Why does it matter? Its a bit of bad weather. It happens
  5. Along with the closure anouncements was the new that no new stores will be built anywhere, All existing plans shelved and all staff at the stores that close will not be relocated.
  6. Sea breeze cottages at Stradbrook always seemed odd for a row of houses so far inland
  7. in other words its a right dump of an area
  8. thanks for the reply. Will try and call in at at some point soon
  9. What are the chances of being able to do some winter testing putting some running hours on a couple of race bikes here when the general public are not using the area? We are looking for somewhere local rather than having to go all way into Lincs & Notts Cheers.
  10. Hi, This is me. what do you want? more to the point who are you???
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