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  1. Does anyone remember a murder that happened a few years ago, maybe in the mid to late 80s? I was in hospital for a while and while I was in there a young lad was admitted to my ward. Apparantly his step dad (?) had shot and killed the lads mum, shot and killed his sister, shot him in the head, but he survived and I'm pretty sure he had lost his eye sight though I'm not 100% on that, but I think the first night he was on my ward he stood on his bed shouting "who's turned out the lights, who's turned out the lights". when I heard what had happened to him I bought him a packet of matlesers which I bet made him feel so much better! lol So does anyone remember this? Are the details correct? And does anyone know how he is doing now? Cheers.
  2. oh, and there will be a new hip hop artist from sheffield making a name for himself in the not so distant future - watch this space...
  3. I ended up in there on sat night - 2 quid, whata rip off! left after 20 mins, so was dam hot and too busy!
  4. Id stay away with boots with 'blades' get some good old fashioned studs
  5. I am actually embarrassed for him - what a ^$£%%^%^ lmao
  6. when I'm 40, I'd prefer a lass who's a little older than 18-21, Ive come across alot of immature lasses of that age.
  7. IMO people who go on this show are the chavvy people of this world lol
  8. Ive got a mate and his breath absolutely reeks (sp?) propper chenobyl breath and I mean it is bad. there's bad breath and then there is steve's mouth, my effin god! sittin in the cinema, both facing foward lookin at the screen and when he laughed OMG, I nearly vomitted he knows he's got bad breath to.. he came out one day "me mum says i got bad breath", no **** sherlock lol
  9. I heard one the other morning! it went 'cuckoo'
  10. get the blow torch out and fry it's ass
  11. someone set me up! (not with slimsid tho) lol
  12. eeergh, 'he won't push it too far' you should have wodred that better in the circumstances lmao
  13. I find that drinking spirits is a completley different pissedness to drinking lager. on spirits it's like a sober pissedness (if that makes sense) lol but on lager it's a p****d pissedness lol
  14. LOL *bends over* come here bigboy and show me what it's all about
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