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  1. Thanks for your help, i've sorted it now - it just needed the network settings resetting
  2. Hi, my ipod touch will no longer connect to the internet. It was doing earlier today, and the wireless light on the router is still lit, but it won't connect anymore. I've tried turning the router off and on again, but nothing happened. Help me, please? Thanks, Alex
  3. Finally got some i bought a 5, and am a 6 in shoes - they fit perfectly i love them, recommend them to anyone.
  4. latest update - Office only have Uggs, but i finally managed to find them in a shop called Jones the bootmakers haven't bought any yet though, just wanted to try them on for size, and willl purchase a pair online.
  5. Thanks, Blackorchid, i bought some from ebay, but found they were the wrong size (and weren't in the condition described) so i think we'll be sending those back. Will pop in Office and have a look.
  6. yeah, i've been on that - will probably buy them from there, it's just that i wanted to try some on first, to be sure of the size.
  7. If i ever find them i will let you know about sizing! I'm going to try TKMaxx parkgate today
  8. Just been to TK Maxx in Barnsley, they didn't have any at all. Thats 3 stores down, no idea how many left to go!!
  9. My way of thinking exactly! The word UGG actually means "sheepskin boot", so anyone can make a sheepskin boot with wool lining and call it an 'ugg' boot - the word can't be copyrighted. This makes it so hard to find genuine UGG boots, and really EMU's are the same, but you're paying for the quality, not the label. I'm just going to trail around all the TK Maxx stores i can find!
  10. Ooh, thanks for that website Cloudybay, the one's i want are only £64 there! Though i might go for the others, at £89. I'm undecided, which is why i wanted to find a store selling them, so i could try some on, decide on a style.
  11. UGG and EMU aren't the same thing, they're made by different manufacturers. And i don't want cheap/knock off boots either - yes, EMU's are cheaper than UGG's, but they're still about £80!
  12. I know what you mean, the parents bought me a new jacket and it's the most snuggly jacket you'll ever see. It's all fluffy and cosy, i say bring on the coldness!!!
  13. I have THE biggest spider phobia ever. I hate the things!! I have actually caught a wasp before, to take it outside, but when i see a spider my parents have to deal with it! It's daft, i know, but i really can't help it!!
  14. Well, that was a waste of time! Went to Crystal Peaks TK Maxx and Sheffield TK Maxx, neither had my size, or the style i'm after. The shop behind the cathedral only has UGG boots, though the shop assistant was very nice
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