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  1. is made of good stuff, that was pretty scarey got me up out and on the street heard a few others saying earthquake in the dark... not pleasant
  2. Hi, I'm wanting a bit of advice as either tonight or tomorrow I'll be sewing a lawn (which I've never done before) Firstly, where is the best place to buy seed? I want something cheap and durable. I've ploughed the area I want to sew and removed all the stones, is it just a case of scattering the seed and watering? Any advice would be good. Also the size is 20m by 20m, so I'd prefer to buy in bulk Cheers Pete
  3. Bit off target on the forum but cheers for the info anyway folks. Pete
  4. Hi, me and a couple of mates are thinking of doing a spot of Carp fishing in sheffield. Being fairly novice at the game and having never fished in Sheffield, I'm looking for advice on where to go which will give us a good days fishing without having to be experts. Cheers Pete
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