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  1. Their you go ghozer to the rescue Would go with bga all day long but whats the cost Also how much for phat xbox reflow? Pm me please for price details
  2. did reflow with flux and heat gun but only lasted 3 months and came back known issue on hp and sony laptops due to none lead solder being used
  3. we have one It was fitted in a rush as big contract for them at the time of fitment conduit not fitted correctly but 5yrs down line alarm still working it would not set one day and back up battery was shot (just googled it ) its just a veritas/telecom alarm so not much to go wrong
  4. Still varies between 8mb and 15 mb so still not even half of the up to 38 mb and be installed a week today
  5. Thought it was about £60 to get valued with a cert and that was a few years ago
  6. Yes engineer came on tuesday I only got router in post .he brought the modem and set it up ---------- Post added 16-10-2013 at 21:55 ---------- I Yes deffo cabinet on shops as he said he set it up from theirn only 500 meters away
  7. yes changed channel from auto to no6 yes hard wired starts at 15mb and steadily drops to 10mb on the speedtest so guessing it failing somewhere
  8. Tested WiFi with only x1 device running 76 mb was extra 5 pound a month and thought 38 mb would be ample compared to the 2 mb I was getting previously to fibre Sky used to say fault recorded online but never cured it after numberous vista by engineers so I thought I had enough n went fibre so the fault could Still be there if it goes copper to fibre or visevisa lol
  9. ex mp Roy Hattersley mp blunket tommy ex corrie archie ex emmerdale Michael Vaughn ric savage def leopard all big owl fans just found this Sheffield United Sean Bean Actor Joe Elliot Long-haired 'glam-rock' singer (Def Leppard) Paul Heaton Singer (Housemartions, Beautiful South) Michael Palin (*2) Comic Actor Sheffield Wednesday Arctic Monkeys Band David Blunkett Politician Tommy Craig (aka Tommy Harris) (*4) Actor (Coro) Harrisons Indie group. Roy Hattersley Politician Jermaine Jackson Singer Jon McClure Singer (Reverend and the Makers) Michael Palin (*2) Comic Actor Michael Vaughan Ashes-winning Cricket Captain
  10. both used hardwired to pc ,xbox wifi for laptop,ipad etc
  11. it was in my 1st question posted yesterday and installed yesterday got talk talk fibre installed today with the 38meg deal installed by openreach cable box only 500m down road just done speedtest and only getting 15meg and under on a few speedtests yes understand it needs to calibrate etc only 10mb today so getting slower its used hardwired and wifi guessing its old copper wire from pole to my house as i stated fibre box only 500meters away and to only get 10mb to 15mb out of 38mb is rubbish not even half
  12. a poor 2mb hence why i gone to fibre get 15mb advertise up to 38mb so im not even getting half ???
  13. is fibre optic another internet gimick got talk talk fibre installed today with the 38meg deal installed by openreach cable box only 500m down road just done speedtest and only getting 15meg and under on a few speedtests:confused:
  14. It will also carm down in a few weeks So then you can tee cut it to blend in a bit better But it should weather in over a month
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