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  1. Agree that you can’t space everything when different routes cross paths in different areas; TT mixes with Yellow which mixes with Blue which mixes with Purple, as you say. The staff issue is a shortage of engineers meaning fewer trams can be made available each day and there’s no cover after midnight so all trams have to be back in the yard early. All that means service frequency has been cut and obviously trams don’t run as late.
  2. SYPTE own the track and are responsible for the rail replacement project works. Supertram manage routine maintenance but otherwise just run the trams and aren’t obliged to provide replacement buses, but always have done in the past. They apparently already make a loss and given the COVID situation too, decided not to run buses (again, they aren’t contractual obliged to) so the PTE used Govt funding (that all bus operators and Supertram also use) to provide the buses that have/do run.
  3. The works are to repair weld pits, not the actual rail. I don’t know but I suspect the workmanship and/or materials weren’t up to the job. As for buses, the Y1 (and BL1, 2 & 3 for that matter) are tendered services, funded by SYPTE and they have to run exactly as tendered in the contract with the SYPTE. Unlike in years gone by, this time Supertram have no involvement at all in the buses and that includes the route, timetable, customer information etc. It’s pure coincidence that Stagecoach run the current services (the Y1 was originally meant to be operated by Powell’s when works were just Sundays).
  4. The Sheffield branch is rescue centre, independent of the main RSPCA. Local branches don’t deal with incidents or reports of cruelty, so you need to ring the national helpline 0300-1234999 for that or use the info here https://www.rspca.org.uk/utilities/contactus/reportcruelty Branches also don’t deal with stray dogs, they are the responsibility of the council dog warden. If you want to adopt an animal at Sheffield then you need to call in or ring 0114-2898050 when they’re open - details are on their website.
  5. 25 October is the go live date http://www.sypte.co.uk/media.aspx?id=5955
  6. But tram conductors aren't train conductors/guards, nor do they have the same responsibilities as the latter either. So they aren't going to get paid anywhere near the same, just because they share the word "conductor" in the job title.
  7. I believe the land in question is and always has been owned by SYPTE and was originally a bus stop. But they have now decided to reinstate it as a bus stop for through services to reduce congestion in the interchange, which has long been a challenge and sees far greater use than originally built to cope with.
  8. The extra traffic that’s diverted onto Infirmary Rd/Langsett Rd has caused delays to trams.
  9. Believe it or not, they aren't synthesised voices - they are real voice over artists although I agree that some of them do sound synthesised/computer generated.
  10. Change the record. There’s more to life than worrying about the tram stop displays! Yes they should work, yes they cost a fortune, no it’s not good enough. But seriously, get over it now.
  11. The service will run for 5 years after launch. Two years is the initial trial period but Supertram are contractually committed to operate for at least 5 years. They have built this into their business so to end sooner than 5 years based on ride quality would be a) subjective for a start (how is ride quality determined for example?), b) IMO ludicrous as a decision point as the service is about far more than ride and c) would cost dearly in terms of compensating Supertram for potential losses they’d incur through lost revenue, surplus staff costs... The trial (which is essentially all about learning) is based on far more than ride quality - eg: cost effectiveness to build, value for money to operate compared to conventional rail and alternative solutions for urban connectivity amongst others.
  12. Yes, most PID data is via GPS and supplememted by loops, then it’s all fed into the system, sent out to the PID system and then sent to the hardware on the street. There aren’t enough loops to provide sufficient location data for PIDS - if there was the PIDS would probably actually work!
  13. Buses use GPS which is provided by the ticket machines. (The fact these are powered from the bus battery also means Stagecoach buses can do contactless and Apple Pay etc. Slightly off topic but tram would offer contactless/Apple Pay if there was a mobile based device that could last a full day without the battery failing). Trams of course don’t have the same ticket machines but they do use GPS data - it comes from another (existing) device on the tram and is sent back to the server via the radio. Trams also use ‘loop’ data as well.
  14. My Sky Fibre goes live on 4 Jan - in Oughtibridge. The only main providers still not showing fibre availability are TalkTalk and Vodafone. Sky, BT, Plusnet, EE are all showing fibre available in Oughtibridge.
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