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  1. I changed the link to a generic one to the Facebook page as the other link wasn't working. Hopefully now you also have a direct link which works. Thanks yes he's fine. This could so easily have ended up being a murder case. Thanks Quik.
  2. I am the wife of the man attacked. I've written the attackers an open letter on my Facebook page which has had nearly 14,000 views, 155 likes and 124 shares. Here's a direct link. My original post about the attack including photos of my husband's bloodied and bruised body and face, has had more than 40,000 views and almost 400 shares. But for those who don't use Facebook, here is the letter. AN OPEN LETTER TO THE LADS WHO ATTACKED MY HUSBAND. To all you lads who beat Brian Trevelyan up I want to ask you this. How does it feel now, knowing that you beat up a kind-hearted man who shakes his head in dismay at any racist acts directed towards your fellow Pakistani and Somalian brothers and sisters and who during Ramadan has been wishing his Muslim friends "Ramadan Mubarak"? Do you think you've been strong? No, you've been weak, following a gang leader who is driven by hatred. Do you think this makes you real men? It doesn't. A strong man would have the courage to stand up and publicly apologise for treating Brian in such a disgraceful, disgusting way. A strong man wouldn't let others in a street gang dictate to him what to do. One of you shouted back "I'm sorry we knocked you over and broke your glasses." so there is at least one of you in that gang who has some moral fibre, who is not a coward, who had the courage to speak out, who had the courage and humility to say sorry to Brian and I thank that person because you, Sir, are the strongest man in that gang. I only hope more of you have the strength and humility to do the right thing and publicly apologise to Brian for what you've done to him because you picked on the wrong person this time. And I hope you have the strength and humility to apologise for what you've done to me, a mother and a grandmother, for you have caused me untold suffering, seeing my husband bloodied by your cowardice and hatred. And I hope you have the strength and humility to apologise to your Pakistani and Somalian brothers and sisters, many of whom have been sending me messages telling me how devastated they are that you are bringing shame to their culture with your actions and giving the ignorant white racists in our masses reasons to verbally attack you. For this is not a race issue. Your names are widely known and you have been attacking fellow Muslims as well as white people. You've even attacked children, including a Down's Syndrome child. You've threatened a Muslim lady with bombing her house. I know who you are now and I will not name you publicly because I don't want to see you targeted by senseless racist thugs who, judging by the outcry on social networking want to do you serious harm. I don't want that. I don't want you to be hurt. I don't hate you despite what you've done to us and I don't want retribution. I want you to apologise, to stop attacking innocent victims and to start working to help your community instead of destroying it. That will take courage and strength and I believe that some of you have that courage and strength within you. Time will tell. I live in hope.
  3. Thanks to Derek Housley for reminding us that we haven't yet updated this thread. The reunion location has changed and will now be held at The Greystones Pub, Sheffield 11, from 7pm onwards on Saturday October 3rd 2015. Please either use the template provided in emails to you all to make a photo name badge of you as you were, or bring along the photo badge from the last reunion back in '98. See you all there!
  4. Yes, the date is Saturday 3rd October at HSBC Sports Club, Limb Lane, Dore with a 7pm start. But you need to contact Andy Moore (Mutley) on amjl.moore (the at sign) blueyonder.co.uk to be put on the mailing list as we're now collecting money for the event - it will cost £20 which includes disco, buffet and venue hire. I will post a list of people we're still trying to contact shortly.
  5. Hi everyone, after the last hugely successful reunion back in 1998, when over 100 people from all over the world attended, we're planning another reunion for the leaving year of '75, this time to celebrate 40 years since leaving school. We'll be holding regular meetings in Sheffield to arrange this. Please post or pm me if you want to be added to the mailing list which Andrew Moore is organising and please spread the word, letting anyone you know who attended Silverdale in the seventies and may have been in our year about the Facebook group which is here. The first organisational meeting is tonight at The Rising Sun, Nether Green at 7pm. Please come along if you want to be involved. Date of reunion tbc.
  6. Hi, I've heard great things about this restaurant, we rang last night to order a takeaway but the call went straight to voicemail, so for those who don't know, it's closed on Tuesdays! Have booked for this weekend though, can't wait!
  7. Hi, I've recently taken up knitting again after a 25 year gap and am finding it very therapeutic. As a full-time writer I spend a lot of time on a computer and needed something to drag me away from the screen in my leisure hours; knitting is fitting the bil perfectly. I'm on Rav as juicy_jude and have posted a few things in the forums, but spend more time on Facebook than on forums nowadays. I recently noticed that my knitting posts were clogging up my Facebook wall so have started a Facebook group for knitters, crocheters and spinners called Yarnies on Facebook. Please feel free to join, somebody will be on there most days. As I've said in the blurb, yarn collectors and yarn fetishists are welcome although I'm not one myself (I do have a stash but it's small and organised. ) ---------- Post added 15-02-2013 at 09:04 ---------- Thanks to those who have joined, we chat on there daily so please feel free to join!
  8. Well said Grizzle. The amount of ill-informed pontificating on this thread from people who have never even met Andy merely highlights the unsettling bias undermining the entire thread. We live in a patriarchal society where women are not treated equally and should be. But that does not mean that every time a woman accuses a man of doing something wrong she is naturally, by dint of her gender, in the right and he is naturally, by dint of his gender, in the wrong. Wake up. All that matters is the truth. Andy has had the good grace to apologise on Facebook for his perceived actions. Not many people would be brave enough to do that. It's so easy to sit on a computer under an anonymous username, cast judgements and hurl insults. Andy commands my respect far more than the majority of posters on this thread. Again, well said Grizzle.
  9. This is true. However I know Andy and he is not a lech, in any way. Like you, I am a staunch feminist. But blindly believing any woman making a sexual harrassment claim against any man *just* because she's a woman and he's a man puts us back in the dark ages where hopefully we're emerging from. I believe in fairness and justice for *both* sexes.
  10. Quite. Well said Edna. The only people on here slagging Andy off are ones who don't know him. Everyone on here who actually know him thinks he's a lovely bloke. To slag someone off in some of the vicious ways some people have on here reflects badly on the anonymous posters, not on their target. I've seen Andy interact with barmaids on *countless* occasions and he has always been totally courteous and respectful of them in both speech and body language. I can spot a lech a mile off and Andy is not one of them and never will be. Well said Yog. I'd be happy for my daughters to work there too. The court found in her favour (courts often make mistakes) and awarded her a ludicrous amount of money which should have instead gone to help ex-servicemen or victims of real crime. This whole case is a ludicrous travesty of justice.
  11. I want to say one last thing...I was in The Rutland recently, it was packed full of regulars and others and the atmosphere was, as always, brilliant (a good pub is only as good as its landlord.) I was musing about the fact that in my sixth decade in Sheffield I have never witnessed such a wonderful pub with such great staff and happy clientele, and never any trouble. And then a horrible thought occured to me...knowing how the world works and knowing human nature, I wondered how long it would be before someone, somewhere, stuck the knife in. And now it's happened. Well, The Rutland is going to continue to be popular and successful despite the actions of one bad apple in the barrel. The newspapers are tomorrow's fish and chip wrappers and The Rutland's impeccable reputation is already built in stone.
  12. btw, I received a private message from a SF regular which I'll post in full without divulging to you who exactly wrote it as they obviously want to remain anonymous: I believe your post. I don't think I have ever been in to the Rutland, although I would like to after reading what you said. Good on you for sticking up for someone.
  13. Nobody on the thread, including me, knows the facts about this case. Nobody. Many of the posts are conjecture and ill-informed insults, including from some who should know better. I can only vouch as a woman who frequently wears extremely revealing clothing that Andy is one of the least lecherous men I have ever met and none of the staff have ever behaved in a lecherous way towards me despite my attire. There is no culture of sexism or bullying at The Rutland Arms, it is all a complete fairy tale spun by manipulative and self-serving people. In my experience (which is wide and varied) if men are grubby and lecherous enough to behave in the way the accuser has stated, it is never just reserved to one female and always spills over to many. For these reasons it is patently obvious to me that this woman has misused the justice system to make a fast buck. It wouldn't be the first time this has happened. In fact there's a notorious case going on right now where a manipulative woman is accused of perverting the course of justice (Rebekah Brooks.) The staff at The Rutland Arms are happy, dignified, polite, considerate and courteous, every single one of them. It is currently not only one of the best pubs in Sheffield but by far the best pub in Sheffield because it is so brilliantly run and it is also independent without the heavily branded footprint of a large brewery all over its decor and beermats. The Rutland Arms has done so much for both Sheffield CAMRA (it won CAMRA pub of the month in January 2010 and that is not an easily won accolade, pubs are judged on far more than beer alone) and Sheffield, providing a hub for people working and living in the city centre, especially for Sheffield's thriving creative community, many of whom are young, vulnerable female art students, who I see time and again in The Rutland, even drinking on their own sometimes such is the atmosphere of safety and comfort in there. Andy and his team deserve your support for helping Sheffield, not your blinkered and sheep-like thoughtless derision. When I first read of this grubby manipulative slander against them, it moved me to tears because what has happened is completely unjust and unfair. And I'm speaking as a staunch feminist who tirelessly campaigns for women's rights on Facebook and in my novels but am wise enough not to be flailing hysterically over any screeching bandwagon the minute a female makes a negative allegation against a male. More than sticking up for fellow women, I believe in sticking up for the truth.
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