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  1. In my experience Wavelength are not too hot on banjos. It's an instrument that really requires an acoustic-dedicated luthier, and there's not many of them about any more. Good luck finding a decent tutor. I've never met any in Sheffield.
  2. You're not in the centre though. I think this is the key issue.
  3. Do it. I will eat there three times a week, I promise. Has to be home-made tortillas though, none of those rubbery ready-made things.
  4. Hello! Five string bluegrass picker here, been at it five years, I'd call myself intermediate-advanced. Took me about two years to learn the basics, but it was worth it.
  5. That pot washer who was working yesterday is something else. He's awesome.
  6. All part of the EU. If the UK starts booting out Poles and other Europeans, the first thing that will happen is these countries will retaliate by sending all Brits back. I guarantee it. Who's going to want to associate with a country like us? They'll want to distance themselves from the racism as much as possible.
  7. But that is exactly what will happen if we start turfing people out. That's how politics works.
  8. Were they all from Yorkshire and the North-West then? How do you know that?
  9. So we kick all the non-British (and non-whites) out, then what happens? Countries around the world retaliate by booting our ex-pats out (which are greater in number than immigrants in the UK), including pensioners. Stupid idea.
  10. One post eh? I call sock. Probably a bnp sock, so this should be deleted for being badly-dsiguised advertising guff.
  11. Actually stewpot, the fascists got less votes than they did last time - it's just that the Tory/Labour supporters stayed at home and watched telly instead of getting out and voting.
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