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  1. Has anyone had any experience with the Sheffield Remapping Specialists on Edmund Road a pal of mine has recommended them?
  2. Try Kellie Keeley, Sheffield Nail Technician Tel. 07971 072926 @ http://www.sheffieldnailtechnician.co.uk. she is not the cheapest but she is the best. (I'm slightly biased though as Kellie is my wife)
  3. I am compelled to post this on the forum as my dog was set about by a Rottweiler on the field off Mulehouse House Road in Crookes. The Rottweiler was off the lead and goes by the name of Rocky. I ask the owner was her dog friendly twice in which she did not reply by then the dog was biting mine. I screamed at the own to get her dog on the lead but she was reluctate to get involved. My dog which is a 10 month old puppy who was on the lead was biten 2/3 times and I have sinced discovered my arm was marked in the attack. Should I report this to the police? would you? do you know this dog/owner?
  4. hhhmmm, mixed opinions, The thing with this idea is that no one has done it before and thats half the battle these days. I suppose people who have different experiences and neighbours would see this service in different ways.
  5. Yeah I suppose your right, but i dont think everyone would be so brave and creep up at night for the fear of getting spotted. And if you need to tell more than one neighbour this could back fire. Si
  6. I was chatting to my pal the other day and he was banging on about a new business idea. Usual I listen to ideas with a serious face and do a lot of head nodding, but this idea I thought could be worth its waiting gold. What do you think? The plan is to create a website allowing user to simply order and send out postcards to neigbours with different messages. He went on to explain that the messages could be in regards to a complaint or request and so could be sent anoumously. Here are a just a few of the reasons you would send a postcard out to your neigbours. My Car was broken into! My House was burgled! I'm have a party, Sorry about the noise! I have lost my cat/dog! I cant park my car! Please do not park in front of my drive/house/gate/path! Would this work!!!????!!! Let me know... I will pass you comments on to him.
  7. Its so bugging. My site has different fonts on it. When I view my site on another machine the fonts default back to Microsofts standard. Is there a way of using different fonts without having to incorporate them into a picture file. Please help as this is very frustrating.
  8. Im having a mare. I have 3 Brother laser printers on my network and I have at leat two drivers for each printer. I have the correct working printer driver and then i have a driver call AUTO (Printer Name) with doesnt work and is pointless. When I delete this drivers they just keep coming back when I reboot my machine. I think its something to do with Win XP Pro trying to Auto Detect. Please can someone help.
  9. Just out of interest can anyone remeber Josephine Bakers on Eccesall Road. It was opposite Dominoes pizzas i think its Saxton Mee Now. I going back over 10 years now but the place was wicked! It was a tiny little bar that stayed open late and had up and coming Sheffield House DJS playing on a Fri & Sat. I remeber having some wicked times there. I think there should be more places like this! bring it on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. I went to Notre Dame School (Fulwood Road) and I am wondering why at half term and for assembly's we went across the road to a non catholic church at Ranmoor. Can anyone enlighten me!!!!
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