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  1. A card and a ring but it has to go back to be resized. I'm now going to spend the day hoovering, washing and tidying up. Lovely!
  2. :hihi: We're all very well thanks. Maddie is doing brilliantly! Currently weighs 8lb 8oz after only weighing 7lb 4oz 3 weeks ago I'm fully healed so don't need no tenas just yet
  3. I'm thinking i've been busy looking after Maddie and keeping OH in gear
  4. I'm thinking i'm glad i've joined back at weight watchers, i may finally lose some weight now!
  5. Probably around £30-£40 and that's for 2 adults and a newborn baby. We buy the cat food in bulk so it costs us around £20ish every few weeks.
  6. My daughter is 3 weeks old and she's been bought designer clothes already, however, they are in a bigger size so nowhere near ready to fit her yet. Also, they were in the sale. I wouldn't buy them whilever she's constantly growing but maybe once she's slowed down i'd consider it.
  7. Chubby checker bex? Maddie was 6lb 13oz at birth, 2 weeks later she's 7lb 4oz
  8. I'm thinking that's true. At the minute though it's not Maddie's stuff thats making it a mess, it's mine and D2J's
  9. I'm thinking i'd love to but it looks like a bomb has been dropped
  10. I'm thinking she's well thanks. Sleeping at the mo
  11. I'm thinking i must get some tidying up done tomorrow....at some point!
  12. I'm thinking i've got my PJ's on but they aren't doing much Thank you MH x
  13. I'm thinking it's a bit cold
  14. I'm thinking yep he does. When she wakes, i change her nappy while he warms her bottle up then either one of us feeds her. We always do the night-times together.
  15. I'm thinking i'm extremely lucky to have such a good baby! She's an absolute angel
  16. I'll try and bring her depending on whereabouts the meet is
  17. Hopefully chimay! Let me know of any meets coming up and i'll try and make it
  18. I'm thinking more or less, Pat. She wakes for a feed around 12/1 then again at 4/5 but that's it
  19. I'm thinking she's amazing! Good as gold
  20. I've been to plenty of meets and enjoyed them all
  21. I'm thinking i'm glad the snow has cleared up.
  22. She's doing well thanks, chimay. Sleeping at the moment Yep, it's just round the corner from Meadowhall
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