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  1. Apparently i'm pregnant again, having a baby boy and he'll be 7lb 1oz Arnold Schwarzenegger is the dad
  2. Congratulations! They were great when i had my daughter back in January
  3. Enjoy it! I certainly did I did have sore boobs but nothing else, i think i was lucky! I now have a 17wk old baby Congratulations btw
  4. I'm thinking i've just spent the last 5 minutes choking on the dinner my OH made me and all he did was sit and eat his bloody crisps!!! MEN!
  5. funnily enough, ours does too - bloody black cat hairs
  6. cleaning but instead i'm having 5 minutes
  7. Pick it up, make sure it's clean then serve it to him He'd do the same to me n'all
  8. Child benefit for us is every 4 weeks - ours goes in on a Saturday for some reason. I've just checked my bank online now and because it's close to 12, it's showing up as gone in already Child tax, that's every tuesday for us. Although, you'll probably get backdated payments too and that varies on whatever date, or did for us.
  9. As everyone else said, just like a little prick but it depends where you have it. My OH has a couple then went and had another 2 last Friday, mine & his daughters name and he said they didn't hurt. He even had them on the same arm, just in different places! Good luck if you decide to have one
  10. Happy Birthday, Merlina. Me & Madison x
  11. I did my test at home and it came back positive straight away. Nothing exciting for me She's 12wks old on Thursday
  12. She's doing great thanks. I'll try and update you with some more pics...
  13. Ebaying some bits, tidying and cooking tea.
  14. Happy Birthday Joan! Me, D2J & Madison x
  15. Went here, it's great Cheers ladies
  16. Oops, only just seen this! Congratulations! She sounds like a little fighter, bless her
  17. Yeah it is... I've only seen white icing, suppose i could colour that rather than buying the already coloured stuff. Thanks
  18. Wanting to buy some so i can decorate a cake but don't know where to get it from? Tried morrisons/asda but they didn't have any.
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