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  1. Sorry to hear about your cat, Lisa We phoned the vets this morning to see if they'd managed to find the owner and the cat isn't chipped their still keeping it for a few days to see if anyone rings up about it. Poor cat
  2. I found a Ginger cat on Barnsley road this morning, opposite the car place near the old huntsman pub. Unfortunately it was dead and looks like it had been there for a while. I drove back home to get a couple of towels and a black bag whilst leaving my OH there to make sure no-one else hit it. It didn't seem to have a collar so nothing much else to describe. If think you know who it could belong to, or think it maybe yours we took it peak vets in woodseats so please contact them RIP kitty
  3. 10 days late, started naturally but ended up being induced, had ventouse delivery and she weighed 6lb 13oz.
  4. Happy 40th Birthday! Hope you've had a fab day Me, Madison & DeeJ x
  5. Maybe he's waiting for you to do romahtic things for him? Some men like it, some don't.
  6. I have the Sola and i love it! I don't think my LO is too far away though
  7. Oops! When i was 37wks pregnant and in hospital for one thing and another my OH sent a text to his mum that should have been for me saying 'Night Night babe, i love you xxx'
  8. Hiya chimay Yes, we're moving house in a couple of weeks Hope your well
  9. Packing stuff away in boxes. Instead, my little munchkin has fallen asleep on me so i can't move
  10. I'm thinking i'd best get a move on!
  11. Doesn't matter....Spotty's found some so we're gonna go together
  12. I've no idea who my HV is! Everytime i go it's someone different! I'll probably call in on Tuesday morning and ask instead. Ta though.
  13. How can i find out whereabouts the mother/baby groups are in Sheffield? Preferably S5 or S6? I've googled but nothings come up... Forgot to ask my HV and i'm not due to see her again for 3wks.
  14. If i remember correctly (i had mine done 3.5years ago) it does do this but should be ok within a day or two If you are worried though, call NHS. Also, keep sucking ice cubes/ice lollies to keep the swelling down - did wonders for mine
  15. Gina, she knows i love her really! I just love to wind her up
  16. I've met you Spotty............................................never again though
  17. Puts pots in the sink with left over food still on them so when i come to wash the pots i have to dig it all out! IF/WHEN he does wash the pots he'll leave them to drain but then they end up dirty so all have to be washed all over again Leaves his socks EVERYWHERE!
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