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  1. Cheers. Will give them a bell tomorrow.
  2. Who would one contact in order to buy a lockup in sheffield? I have contacted several estate agents and they suggested commercial lettings and sales companies, but I can't find any. Could someone please suggest some to me? Thanks.
  3. As a motorcyclist I was pleased to hear that the council were planning to resurface Northumberland Road due to it's deteriorating state making it just plain dangerous to ride up and down, particularly when wet. At present on Northumberland Road there are several areas of construction involving heavy goods vehicles and other large construction vehicles. They go up and down the road, and have probably worsened the road even further. Rather than wait for the building work to be completed and therefore these vehicles to no longer be using the road for access, the council went ahead and had the road resurfaced in November. Now, in January the road has started to come up again due to the large volume of heavy traffic due to the building work. Already large gaps have started to appear and in places the top surface has completely worn away. This has left me feeling angry with the council for wasting tax payers money on something which is never going to last. Within a day of the road being relayed, heavy good vehicles were using the road for access, therefore not letting the surface settle sufficiently. Has anyone else noticed this?
  4. What hours do Top Man open from and till on a wednesday?
  5. Do you guys frown on people using bus lanes if they are on a motorbike or a scooter?
  6. So true. Digging up the grave of that dead woman during the attacks on that guinea pig farm was unbelievable. I hope the people who did that get what they deserve.
  7. Not really. We are going to finish higher than we did last season, we have got rid of Souness and have had a great run since then, and we could get into europe. I think that next season looks bright if we can get a good permanent manager in and keep Owen after the world cup, who knows what could happen. Villa on the other hand.. beaten 1-0 at home by city, sign players like Kevin Phillips, and have a chairman who has a south yorkshire mentality to spending his 'hard-earned' cash. It would be hilarious if you got relegated next season so that all of the 'big' midlands clubs werent in the top flight.
  8. I think Michael Bridges would rather play for Boro than Villa, afterall, he has snubbed Villa for the high flyers...... Carlisle Utd.
  9. do you hate them???????????? They played well, and no-one deserves it more than Steve Gibson after what he has put into the club and been through.
  10. lol. that could be good fun, or it could be horrific
  11. Has anyone seen the fire engine that goes round town on a weekend that you are able to hire out and go 'crusing' in it? I always see it full of drunk women waving at people round Divison Street and West Street.
  12. I think Arsenal will get through and face Barce, but like syko says.. Barca are too good this year.
  13. yeh, they have a hatch so that you can served after 11pm till 3am. I know what you mean about it all kicking off, you get some proper scum hanging round outside there. They always ask you for money aswell, which annoys me as they are just gonna go and spend it on booze in there.
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