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  1. Had a leaflet through my door today - bright yellow card - it appears to be hand written in sharpie - but isn't - saying "Hi, can you help me? I am looking to a buy a property in your street I have funds available to buy quickly if needed. If you are thinking of selling, or know someone who is, please call me to discuss. Thank you Karen Mobile number" Now after a quick search it seems the more middle class of us are using this as a technique to buy in areas where houses don't come up very often - a tip nicked off Location, Location, Location, HOWEVER - living in a council estate in the north of Sheffield I don't think Jacinta and Timothy are thinking of gentrifying my area just yet - which begs the question - what the hell? I like the way the ad is nicely ambiguous " a property in your street" - and surely if someone is selling they'd have a for sale sign and you'd contact their estate agents. I recall getting one of these I just binned a few years ago without much thought - but I'd love to know if anyone has had one in any other areas. I'm in Parson Cross. I think it may be these dodgy "we buy any house" lot. I would call the number but can't be arsed. Anyone had same?
  2. It doesn't always. It your drives drains into grass or a border it can often not be needed. They'll tell you when you get the quote I'm sure.
  3. Hi all Can anyone recommend a good garage in North Sheffield? By good I mean - won't see I'm a woman and give me guff and overcharge. Thanks in advance.
  4. Hiya all I usually bump my previous post from last year but can't find it so apologies. It was just to make everyone aware that South Yorkshire Transport Executive off a Getabout pass for £6.50 per week for all 11-18 year olds with valid Mega Travel, Mega miCard or the 16-18 Student pass if at college or 6th form. I went to check that this was still running on the SYPTE site and had some right bother finding it - but it's still there and doesn't look like it's been affected by the rises. I hope this is useful.
  5. We have been paying for two separate weekly passes for our daughter to get to school and get about. I looked into whether there was a citywide type but couldn't find anything so ended up paying £5 to First and £5 to Stagecoach. Apologies to those aware - but for those not - Have a look at this £6.50 a week. Any bus or tram in South Yorkshire. £2.50 for a day - any bus or tram. £3.60 for any bus, tram or train (day only.) Thought I'd share.
  6. That's really useful to know - I didn't realise there were budgies in the wild in the UK. Consider myself a birder too!
  7. Hiya all One of my neighbours was washing the dishes this afternoon and found a young budgie in her garden. If anyone has lost a budgie could they PM me please? Thanks
  8. Has anyone used this company? Are they v expensive compared to other companies? We're looking for wooden venetians for a small terrace (7 windows - 3 small) More to the point - when you get them round is it the hard sell and can you get rid easily? Your comments are appreciated.
  9. It's a pants job - the supermarkets don't want you to do it - but if I get good polite service I always tip em. If I get my regular driver at Xmas I also put a fiver in a card.
  10. Can I have an egg mayo - salad - no onion please? Do you deliver to Shiregreen?
  11. Julie - I would mailshot/visit local pubs and WMCs that offer functions rooms for parties, weddings etc... People are specifically looking for that type of thing and you'd be right there. Maybe take some into local places and speak to the manager. Getting your face in is really important and they remember you. Good luck hun.
  12. "All right, but apart from the sanitation, medicine, education, wine, public order, irrigation, roads, the fresh water system and public health, what have the Romans ever done for us? ":hihi:
  13. Why don't you ask them? Put it in writing and they will answer I'm sure.
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