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  1. You didn't see alot, and i heard we were good and solid, oh and we won
  2. Its not as if wilsons caused this surely theres no change from last season
  3. yes they will price match, or at least they have for my last two purchases
  4. not as funny as wednesday going above utd :hihi:
  5. i was abit worried about today, but once again marching on, when is lowe and ogrady rdy for starting?
  6. Where does that put us in the league?
  7. Originally Posted by Emzy21 View Post hartlepool will be tough, UTD wont get anything vs charlton canadablade you got a point at Charlton and we know how well you lot travel ...Can see us getting a point and you lot dipping at Hartepool and then you will all crawl back under your rocks AGAIN :hihi:
  8. I can see a hartlepool win, our average/poor away form and there awesome home form...
  9. Because the asda at handsworth is perfect for parking, perfect to get in and out of and looks very modern inside
  10. Lolllllllllllllllllllllllllllll
  11. i think he means at the side of this one...
  12. Ive seen in person my team beat man u in a cup final at wembley Ive seen in person my team beat there biggest rivals in which was the biggest game for the two clubs in my lifetime But im sure the blades have better stories then that...
  13. I worked out the school for a few weeks ( CCTV ) looks a nice school to me, wasn't keen on the height features of some of it im sure it will lead to either things been thrown or even someone As already mentioned there didn't look like much space at all for dining so hope they have a good plan for that otherwise it would get quite messy, all the people banging on about the school needing money after spending 27m on a new build you do know there only renting it and they didn't actually pay for the build
  14. Go to steve down at Statlers there at attercliffe
  15. I have more then this account its actually the other halfs, it just depends what pc/laptop/phone im on cause i am that lazy as to change
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