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  1. OK, so i thought i'd try starting a Facebook group for anyone streaming. https://www.facebook.com/groups/SheffieldStreamers/ i'm streaming (no-one's watching much lol) but i thought i'd see if can get a community going...
  2. thanks for the replies. I prefer cattery to be honest, never had a sitter service. they've always been fine boarding before, which we've done for years. not sure whether this is a problem since her diabetes was diagnosed though. the one time she did stay at a cattery since diagnosis was when we had problems, hence asking for recommendations
  3. anyone got good experiences with any cattery regarding diabetes? injections and diet control specifically?
  4. mine from Cleethorpes last year. Cleethorpes. Infinity Blue by aleisterjcrowley, on Flickr
  5. i have a dead IBM PS2 386 jobby. it powers up, but the bios battery is knackered. i need whats on the hard disk, does anyone have an old PS2 which still boots which i could swap the HD into?
  6. do you people ever check for new applicants to your forum. i've tried registering twice now, and not heard a dicky bird.....
  7. yes, congratulations sanctuary, you have indeed succeeded in your apparent aims, you've turned a leafy suburb, with plenty of trees, (the reason i picked shiregreen over the alternatives at the time, given our budget) into a desolate wasteland. as of today, with no consultation (none that we were informed of) and no notice, they finally tore down the trees on our street. we had been under the vague impression that the radical pruning had been merely that, pruning, but today, while everyone went to work, they turned shiregreen into yet another concrete dirt pile. congratulations sanctuary housing, concrete clearly is the way to go. now i'll just think about that wonderful mortgage i took out on a house surrounded by trees, and think about burning it before i shoot myself in the head.
  8. i would very much like to recommend http://www.rubbishclearancesheffield.co.uk for the work they did for me today. since moving into my house almost 5-6 years ago, the garage has been looking after (read hoarding) all sorts of stuff which i'd never got round to getting rid of, and i'd managed to create a collection of wood from old beds and coffee tables in the back garden. i think we found the website on here, and the guys were brilliant, very professional, cleaned up after themselves, brilliant. they helped me seriously declutter, and while it was a bit more expensive than a skip, it was way more convenient. seriously good guys. if you need a clearout, this would be a good start.
  9. if there's any roleplayers running games at the weekend, maybe 1-2 sessions a month i'm looking for anything going. doesn't have to be DND, technothriller, cyberpunk, sla industries, Kult etc, i'll pretty much try anything at the moment, been far too long out of the saddle. lojack@chro2.net
  10. and i will concur with this as well as others. diagnosis to repair in 45 minutes, gave me the option on the parts decision, very friendly and helpful. will be asking him back for some other planned maintenance.
  11. you stand in front of it and press it repeatedly. if you want to try it with a hammer, by all means, go out your front door and do so. and of course, remember to leave your keys behind in case someone steals them.
  12. i prefer to be polit myself but yes, my standard response is either "i don't deal with people calling at my door", or "no, not interested". i'm quite aware of the tactics of cold callers and other odd tradesmen, and i have no truck with them. worst case it'd be a call to the police, but at least in this case i'm happy to chase the company involved up tomorrow or monday to check whether they had any staff in the area today.
  13. well, the truck *did* have a logo and name on it, but i'm sure the number was some 0800 number, rather than the number i *have* found in doncaster. i mean, my automatic assumption is they're dodgy, and i refuse any cold calling anyway, it's just the way he went round the back without waiting, like he was casing the place....?
  14. OK, i found an "Alpine Landscapes" in Donny, but no answer. might be legit, and it's not *what* he offered, just the way he did it y'know?
  15. like a cut off van with a flatbed and some ladders on it...
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