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  1. This morning Fri 20th May 2016 Firth Park dental surgery telephoned me to cancel my appointment, as the dentist had not turned up. This is the third time my appointment has been cancelled, and I have already paid for the work and Westfield have already paid me. I also had the dentist cancel a previous appoint before the one where he arranged for this work to be carried out. I feel dubious about complaining, because who needs to sit in a dentist's chair after making a compliant?
  2. I thought David acted very well, a daft plan but well acted.
  3. I went to Trevor's Funeral today. Trevor was only 50. I have never seen a bigger turnout in all my life. (I am a lot older) He was so highly regarded and loved that although there were 800 orders of Service printed at least 200 people did not get one. It was a very good, but sad service,with excellent tributes from his close family and from friends. Then the Embassy club afterwards was packed and still is. Trevor was of course a massive Wednesday Fan, but there were Blades (I am an Everton fan) and all sorts there. God rest his soul.
  4. OK so you and a friend play your drums in the garden, what then? May be your neighbours also fancy practicing some loud instruments after you have finished? Making a noise when you live close to others is a recipe for trouble. Or maybe you might form a new neighbourhood band.
  5. All the comments on here have been right. The thing is why do the authorities allow him to get away with it? I know that the ref did not mention the constant abuse in his report, which apparently means nothing, can be done. The football authorities must have seen it on TV, young children must have seen it, yet nothing can be done! Well the authorities sometimes alter red cards after reviewing video evidence usually brought to their attention by the TV media. My view is that not only should Fergie be punished appropriately but also should the ref be reprimanded for not putting such obvious abuse to all the officials in his report.
  6. In defence of Fellaini he was sick to death of Shawcross holding, pushing and generally trying to stop any sort of football skill breaking out. Fellaini did butt and slap Shawcross but both were " handbags" Shawcross tried to exaggerate the effects of the butt, he soon got up with no effects when he was ignored. What about refs stopping the actions of the likes of Shawcross. These players who are only there to stop creativity with their fouling cheating tactics. Lets be honest if Fellaini was not unfairly fouled with no intervention from a decent ref he would not have done such daft things.
  7. Well it is tonight. Jessica has a great personality, she is local. Her achievements in the Olympics were over a bigger range of skills than the other contenders. She is female and no females were nominated last year at all. That was a disgrace It is about time a female won. Kate is presenting the main prize tonight it would be fantastic to see one woman presenting to a local lass instead of the usual bloke to bloke.
  8. It is not over with yet. Ferguson insists that Rooney is 'unfit to play for another three weeks'. Rooney is a player who needs to play. If he only gets played when Ferie is in the mood there will be trouble ahead.
  9. I have to agree with you. Ferguson was not only condescending, but wanting too much sympathy. He says he has done everything for the boy, everything except helping Rooney develop into a mature adult. Ferguson tempted Rooney as a teenager from Everton with 'gold and riches' If Rooney feels under valued /uncared about (see Roonney's retort to camera about England fans having a go) then it is hardly surprising that Rooney is seeking refuge elswere. He may believe he can dodge the constant bad press by moving to such as Spain. He is mistaken of course even if he became Saint for the rest of his life there are those who will still hound him. The other thing here is will Rooney want to play for England if he still gets abuse from some fans i.e. mainly Man U. Everton fans stopped riling him a year ago, now Man U fans will despise him.
  10. It was a good match with both teams trying. Heskey did a good job receiving and laying off. Two problems Rooney and the goalkeeping slip. The slip speaks for itself. Rooney spoilt numerous good passing moves forward, because when it came to him he did not make the quick simple pass.
  11. Your boy is not being given the correct environment in which to thrive, Even if you do not want custody you should inform social services.
  12. Thanks everyone I have a few good ideas from this. Cheers.
  13. You have made a very poor analogy there! Spanish, Italian, American and other Catholic (and non Catholics) have been linked in the not so distant past with helping to train, recruit and support what people used to call Irish terrorists. This thread has really gone off point. The basic fact of the story from the front page of the Times was: that a significant number of people in UK jails have 'converted' conveniently to another faith just to gain a more comfortable life in jail. Some on here have questioned the stats. Well the stats are there. It is a fact. I don't care much for anyone using religion to get an easy time when they are in jail, hopefully for a crime/s that they did commit. They should be treated equally, firmly and hopefully with an aim to prevent future crime.
  14. If prisons cut out all this pandering, not just to Muslims, or expediant Muslims; but to all inmates it might just make a proper prison. A proper prison should deter future crime and educate - to help alleviate the circumstances that do not help prevent crime (unemployment or low pay). It should deter by being a place where criminals really do not want to return to. No pandering with religion, not to Jews, Catholics, Muslims or whatever. No expensive meals, no phones, no TV. Prisoners should only have supervised high tech access i.e. computers- internet if they have a specific educational need; which should be properly assessed.
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