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  1. My Nan used to say: Rain rain go away Bugger off, it's washing day
  2. £12,900 a year when I got my first "proper" job (1995). I thought I had won the lottery when I got my first payslip.
  3. Hello - I heard about this recently, and that it was in Cambridge Street. Does anyone know anything about it please? Thanks.
  4. Hope someone can suggest somewhere that we can use without - how can I put it - people coming scrabbling about, haggling and wanting to pay 10p for something as this will be for charity and we won't be selling rubbish. I don't want a car boot for this very reason. I was going to write "chav free zone" but thought that might be rude! Thanks!
  5. Alwyn Hackney Steve Savage John someone (looked a bit like Jon Snow from Game of Thrones) Walt Cartwright
  6. My ex was a cyclist for Sheffield Racing Club and went to cycle round the States in 1995 with his friend, and was sponsored by Wilsons on City Road. I never found out what happened to him as I dumped him ........ I think he stayed out there and married someone!
  7. If you had a white bra on the lights would pick it out - very embarrassing. We went in circa 1986?? when Gary Glitter was there and he fell off his shoes and couldn't appear, did his back in I think. Wouldn't pay 10p to see him now!
  8. Now I don't remember this, but I do remember my friend's older sister going on about this place and some boyfriend taking her to it but where it was I don't know - can anyone fill me in? Thanks.
  9. Venus Steak House - oh yes I remember it well! Have lots of pics from my younger days there, we used to think it was a big night out!! We went one Xmas, a huge crowd of us, girls and partners. Some charlie ordered a couple of bottles of wine and then acted dumb when the bill arrived - we all ended up chipping in but thought he was a complete Scrooge. My friend dumped him shortly afterwards. (Martyn from Parson X you know who you are!)
  10. Can't remember Dodds - any other names? I remember David Farmery Gary Bottomley his brother Mark
  11. I know a Gillian Eblet who married a chap called Les Benn, I used to know his brother Stuart.
  12. Does anyone know these blokes from the Killamarsh/Mosborough area? My friend Gail and I used to know them at the Mill (now Joseph Glover) more years ago than we care to remember - we were all 18/19-ish then so they will know how old they are now! Andrew Bramall - Wednesday fan Stuart Benn - worked for GT News Steve (Oggy) Dawes - worked at Bramah's Kim Woolley Paul (Riff Raff) Kirk - said he drove a Merc! Keiron Laws Would love to know what they are all up to now - if you are on here, or if you know, let us know! Anne (nee Garrett)
  13. No he's called Gary, (had a brother called Mark and a sister Diane) but I do know the David you mean, lived a few doors away!
  14. Anyone know of Les Baker who lived on Mansfield Road, Killamarsh in 1974/75, would have been about 20 years old then.
  15. It was him that came from Hackenthorpe not me!
  16. I went out with the most drop dead gorgeous bloke in Hackenthorpe. Lived on Jermyn Crescent in the 70s.
  17. Remember this brilliant sandwich shop? Best sarnies in Sheffield! Anyone any pics of the place??
  18. I know somebody called Lorraine Troop who married a John Searle who worked there. Nice lass.
  19. Remember him? I went out with him in the 1970s - 1977/78. Wish I hadn't ............... He is an MBE now by all accounts.
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