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  1. My Nan used to say: Rain rain go away Bugger off, it's washing day
  2. £12,900 a year when I got my first "proper" job (1995). I thought I had won the lottery when I got my first payslip.
  3. Hello - I heard about this recently, and that it was in Cambridge Street. Does anyone know anything about it please? Thanks.
  4. Hope someone can suggest somewhere that we can use without - how can I put it - people coming scrabbling about, haggling and wanting to pay 10p for something as this will be for charity and we won't be selling rubbish. I don't want a car boot for this very reason. I was going to write "chav free zone" but thought that might be rude! Thanks!
  5. Alwyn Hackney Steve Savage John someone (looked a bit like Jon Snow from Game of Thrones) Walt Cartwright
  6. My ex was a cyclist for Sheffield Racing Club and went to cycle round the States in 1995 with his friend, and was sponsored by Wilsons on City Road. I never found out what happened to him as I dumped him ........ I think he stayed out there and married someone!
  7. If you had a white bra on the lights would pick it out - very embarrassing. We went in circa 1986?? when Gary Glitter was there and he fell off his shoes and couldn't appear, did his back in I think. Wouldn't pay 10p to see him now!
  8. Now I don't remember this, but I do remember my friend's older sister going on about this place and some boyfriend taking her to it but where it was I don't know - can anyone fill me in? Thanks.
  9. Venus Steak House - oh yes I remember it well! Have lots of pics from my younger days there, we used to think it was a big night out!! We went one Xmas, a huge crowd of us, girls and partners. Some charlie ordered a couple of bottles of wine and then acted dumb when the bill arrived - we all ended up chipping in but thought he was a complete Scrooge. My friend dumped him shortly afterwards. (Martyn from Parson X you know who you are!)
  10. Can't remember Dodds - any other names? I remember David Farmery Gary Bottomley his brother Mark
  11. I know a Gillian Eblet who married a chap called Les Benn, I used to know his brother Stuart.
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