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  1. Andy we must be the excitable ones of the building Arent these windows cool though, in two months I worked here I've seen an eclipse, the Queen and now a fire!
  2. I'm 6th floor on Pinfold street Just started hearing sirens !
  3. Is there a fire in the city centre somewhere? I can see a ton of smoke from office window near wicker area
  4. Can anyone help us with a wedding reception for 29th August 2015. we looking for a venue that holds 60-70 people. s13 or surrounding area
  5. my 5 yo was up at midnight at a local party last year but it doesnt seem to be on this year so if anyone knows of any child friendly events i too would be interested
  6. Was looking for a family event. Last year Stradbroke community centre had a lovely disco with buffet for adults and kids. Cant see it advertised this year tho.
  7. we ended up getting an Aylesbury duckling from High Storrs poultry farm, it was £5. they have a website x
  8. Chrissy I've sent u an email x
  9. great. meant to be meeting my mate for coffee so itd kill two birds thanks hun x x
  10. Hey hun, thatd be fab. do you know what times it runs? and im not entirely sure where library is but im sure ill find it
  11. Im looking for a Health Visitor drop in around the Woodhouse area or S13/S2 area tomorrow morning ideally. Can Anyone help? thanks
  12. I actually know that woman, she has a kid with my ex. she is common as muck and a right psychopath! im surprised she didnt follow through on her threats... i bet it was hard for her!
  13. Yeah makes sense. Very sad n wouldn't want to upset anyone x
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