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  1. Yes, I agree with Purdy and I've mentioned this myself, but my post was deleted...
  2. I'm sorry, but you're wrong. A lurcher is a sighthound crossed with a herding dog, NOT a sighthound crossed with another sighthound. The most capable lurcher is a greyhound cross collie; it has the ideal poaching combination of speed, intelligence, silence and stamina.
  3. I asked a doctor, and he told me a 'large' person could be unhealthily overweight. What's your point?
  4. I think Harriet is quite beautiful. Maybe it's the eyes. Or the lips. Or maybe it's the power that does it for me.
  5. Might be interested if you had two. You say 'at least'?.
  6. I remember unattractive scouse accents. That's it I'm afraid.
  7. Aren't we lucky to have the National Health Service? I've not had to use it much (yet) and no doubt I've paid lots for it (thus far) but I think it's great! I also look forward to getting old and decrepit, not paying for the NHS but using it lots!
  8. They taste the same, but I'll always go for the most expensive, I like to pretend I'm posh.
  9. It's called traffic management. The problem with most urban areas in the UK is that the road network wasn't designed for large volumes of traffic. The Council have to deal with this somehow, and sometimes one-way traffic movement is the most efficient way. Obviously some people are disadvantaged, but the majority receive benefits, and yes, this will save fuel overall. By the way, why do you call it the 'rush hour', when it's actually the time of day when most people aren't rushing anywhere?
  10. All very interesting. So you conclude it wouldn't work in the UK? And that is due to selfish attitudes, rather than the volume of traffic?
  11. This provides evidence, if any was needed, that removal of all signs, and formal traffic control, is a nonsense at heavily trafficked junctions. On the face of it the junction appears to operate well in terms of capacity, but I reckon the video is 'speeded up' by about x3, in which case it is operating very inefficiently. Add to that the obvious safety concerns...
  12. It’s interesting to hear your viewpoint on free speech, Strix. I think you can see a parallel between how the media operates in a democracy and how it operates in a dictatorship. In a democracy, although we can see from this thread that individual bullying is clearly rife, the presence of a relatively free and outspoken media ensures that ‘state sponsored’ bullying is fortunately quite rare. In a dictatorship you just don't know what's going on, do you? I’m not putting forward the view that anyone should be able to say anything to anyone without fear of reprimand; I’m suggesting that a mature democracy understands the difference between freedom of speech, and overt censorship.
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