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  1. I've noticed several "Dodgy companies" flyposting adverts all over Sheffield and the surrounding areas, why on earth have Sheffield City Council not taken action on these rouge companies, yet they'll pounce on anyone who drops a piece of bread for the birds or a cigarette butt? But a complete eyesore illegally fly posted advert with the companies name and address on goes un-noticed!
  2. Just park in meadowhall retail park, cover up your rear number plate on exit and remove the bag or whatever once you have sufficiently passed the ANPR camera. Alternatively appeal the ticket as "Not a genuine pre estimate of loss" and use the ticket as a paper aeroplane
  3. It makes me LMAO that you can collect the preloaded illegal boxes from Argos too
  4. Jenkin Hill or Linley Lane in frechville. PITA to keep walking back up though
  5. I'm voting UKIP, no need to explain why, its all been covered here. Can we have a poll set up on here and we can get the general consensus of all members on here without trawling the last 13 pages
  6. I must have missed this article, do you have a link? I no longer smoke, and when I visit Meadowhall, I do spend a lot of money (Not that it matters to them - rent and parking penalties is all they are worried about). Fortunately Meadowhall allow "Vaping" which is good as a few places have banned it.
  7. Too bright? Maybe Dangerous? Not really. I find tits with fog lights on in the wet more annoying than that sign.
  8. Anyone know of a sensible place to get a PC valued? It is a custom build and looking to sell. It is VERY quick I will briefly list specs here - has a Windows 7 Rating of 7.6 i think Intel i7 2.6 GHz - 8cores 16GB Ram (DDR3)-4x4GB 120GB SSD 1TB HDD BD-Rom Drive GeForce PCIE GPU Wifi card TV Tuner Card
  9. Wasn't before. used to be in sheff but moved to chezzie to get away from [chinese accent]City Life[/chinese accent] ---------- Post added 11-02-2014 at 15:28 ---------- When u in CC? might pop down since it is open Is staples car park still patrolled :D Good old excel. Tried to get me to pay £100 for running into chino's on london road. That was in the good old clamping days too, lucky I didn't get one.
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