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  1. Looking for Susan the daughter of Blanche and Martin Flannery. Need to give her some information.
  2. I recommend completeconstructionsheffield.co.uk small local firm, also on Whichbuilder first one in sheffield area. phone Dougie on 07580544820 http://completeconstructionsheffield.co.uk/
  3. Well this mornings No 38 never turned up at 9am this morning on Manor Top, 3 people waiting for it.
  4. Oh dear whats happened to this beautiful cemetery, been up to day and its looking like a jungle, its so overgrown!
  5. Apparently john hirst funeral directors.
  6. Just thought i would add to this instead of starting my own thread, incase someone came up with an answer:help: will know better next time though:shakes:
  7. I am with sky and i am having the same problem as you. I am at Intake though!
  8. How did he win the money if he didnt answer a question?
  9. Just had mine done this week. Send me your number and i will pass it on for you as i know the guy who comes round to see if you can get it! ---------- Post added 07-07-2013 at 11:07 ---------- Or i can send you his. Had it done with crumps of killamarsh.
  10. yes we have lost ours, phoned sky they saying its weather are expecting it to clear in next hour.
  11. Me and hubby both had ours done there. No problem.
  12. Do any of you know where I can get some 4" half round metal gutter brackets from. Thanks
  13. It will be foxes, its their mating season now. Christmas morning at 4:30 they were barking like made in Intake.
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