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  1. Techtomic

    Downloading Microsoft Office to Computer

    Office 365 as a subscription can be pretty good depending on your needs, as it contains the full suite including Outlook, Publisher, Access, etc. The Home version can be installed on up to 5 PC/Macs for the year. And gives you 60 Skype minutes a month. Plus 1TB OneDrive storage for each of the 5 people you invite Available for £7.99 a month or so, or usually £40 to £50 on eBay.
  2. We live a 5 minute walk away from Little India, it was our favourite in the area but didn't answer the phone when we tried to order a couple of weekends ago. Driving past this week it appears to have been replaced by a pizza & kebab house, such a shame, the other Indians that deliver around here have gravy style dishes and rice filled with fluorescent particles
  3. Techtomic

    Mobile phone reception

    I'm on Three, on one side of the house I get one bar 4G, on the other side full bars with HSPA.
  4. Techtomic

    Reverse order of columns in Excel

    Presumably it's for people that use languages that are written right-to-left, if that's the way they work on other documents too?
  5. Techtomic

    Gleadless valley?

    I think there's another Jobcentre Plus at Eastern Avenue, which is closer as the crow flies but may be harder to get public transport to.
  6. Techtomic

    Help needed please, Windows Vista

    What does that mean
  7. Techtomic

    Virtual call centre software

    That's great, just the sort of thing I'm looking for! Thank you. ---------- Post added 04-09-2014 at 23:19 ---------- Don't worry nothing like that. I hate those calls too. I get them most days, more often than not silent. I registered on the TPS years ago, and was sure it was perpetual but checked again last week after reporting a number silent calling about 10 times in a day, and I wasn't on it, so had to re-register. What I'm requiring it for is to set up an internal sales team for a top sports instructor in the USA, to target their existing client list and see if people want to come back for lessons. Plus trying out selling corporate team building days for fortune 1000 companies
  8. Techtomic

    Virgin's VIP unlimited package.

    It's also worth having a look at Three's SIM-only plans if you're looking at a new deal. There's a £15 plan with unlimited phone data plus 4GB can be used tethered. Traffic management is generally on congested cell towers at peak times to make it usable, not a blanket cap. 4G capability too. If you go abroad to e.g. the USA or Ireland, or various other European countries, you can use your minutes and texts and free incoming calls as if you were at home, plus 25GB data on your phone (no tethering abroad though).
  9. Techtomic

    Virgin's VIP unlimited package.

    I think it's 3.5GB then you get slowed right down during peak hours, something like that. So 'traffic managed' rather than 'limited'
  10. Techtomic

    Virtual call centre software

    It's more the telephony that I'm saying needs to be virtual, we're currently using Base CRM which has integrated VoIP and records each call into the contact records, but the phone numbers it gives you are individual for the sales person. So I'm wondering what we could do for a 'front end' centralised incoming phone number, is there a VoIP/virtual PBX that's an industry standard that has integration to SalesForce or something? Just looking into options to work out reliability/quality vs. price etc.
  11. Techtomic

    Nokia 520, problems with 8.1 update.

    Definitely worth removing and installing HERE Drive+.
  12. Techtomic

    Nokia 520, problems with 8.1 update.

    You can swipe left to see the full list of apps installed. On my Lumia I have HERE Drive+ listed. You can uninstall it by holding your finger down on the title and tapping uninstall, you can then (re)install from the Store under Nokia Collection. The downgrade is a technical process to re-flash the ROM, I did the same process to de-brand my phone but make sure everything's backed up (by default everything 'should' be backed up to the cloud but make sure!)
  13. Has anyone any experience of setting up a virtual call centre? By this I mean handling incoming calls on a central number, preferably with an option system to select 1 for Sales and 2 for Service (etc..) with sales people able to make outbound calls from a database. So a fully integrated CRM. Needs to work with just a couple of people to start with, and be virtual, so people can log in from anywhere, not be tied to an office space etc. Any ideas?
  14. Techtomic

    Nokia 520, problems with 8.1 update.

    Might be worth checking that you've got HERE Drive+ installed, rather than the original Drive?
  15. Techtomic

    X Factor return!

    At least the auditions are back in an intimate room, they spoilt it the last few years. Still, will probably get bored when the live shows start...

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